Skin­care not cutting it? There’s a sup­ple­ment for ev­ery com­plex­ion dilemma

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1 Glow

Feel­ing like you can never get that “glow” ev­ery­one’s al­ways talk­ing about? This pow­er­ful bio bio-fer­mented fer­mented pow­der powd blend of pro­bi­otics and an an­tiox­i­dants is your se­cret weapo weapon. Blend­ing a tea­spoon with wa­ter prom prom­ises to en­hance your skin’s lu­min lu­mi­nos­ity, clar­ity, hy­dra­tion and tex­ture. Or, O if you’re not into pow­ders, pop o one of these cap­sules daily to im­prove im­pro and re­duce cel­lu­lar dam­age damag caused by free rad­i­cals (the bad guys that ruin ra­di­ance). 1 The Beauty Chef Glow Advanced In­ner Beauty Pow­der $559.95 the­beau­ty­chef.com 2 Beau­tyy Boost­ers Glow Get­ter $52.95 beau­ty­boost­ers.com.au beau­ty­booste

2 Pig­men­ta­tion

Vi­ta­min C is great for col­la­gen pro­duc­tion, but it’s best known for its an­tiox­i­dant pow­ers that work to brighten skin and in­hibit your body from cre­at­ing too much melanin – which can cause pig­men­ta­tion and dark spots. So ba­si­cally, it helps pre­vent fur­ther dam­age and re­duces the e spots you’ve al­ready got. These e guys are eas­ily ab­sorbed so may ay work bet­ter than top­i­cal treat­ments. ments. 3 Ama­zo­nia Raw Pre­bi­otic Vi­ta­minin C $35.95 nour­ishedlife.com.au 4 Swisse High Strength Vi­ta­min C Ef­fer­ves­cent $27.95 swisse.com.en-au

3 Break­outs

Fish oil and fatty acids are es­sen­tials for good skin. They also act as a nat­u­ral anti-in­flam­ma­tory to calm acne flare-ups and skin prone to red­ness. The mix of omegas and evening prim­rose oil in these cap­sules also helps to re­lieve dry or itchy skin. Take a cou­ple twice daily. Or try this all-nat­u­ral Chi­nese herbal medicine from Zilch, which works to re­duce in­flam­ma­tion, re­moves tox­ins and im­proves heal­ing time.

5 Beauty Boost­ers Com­plex­ion Per­fec­tion $59.95 beau­ty­boost­ers. com.au 6 Zilch Acne For­mula $139 mecca.com.au

4 Age­ing

Did you know af­ter you turn 26 your body starts to slow down col­la­gen and elastin pro­duc­tion? That’s the stuff that makes your skin sup­ple, taught and plump. But don’t panic! These gum­mies can help. Chew a few of these daily to sup­port your body’s col­la­gen and elastin pro­duc­tion, re­duce fine lines and keep your skin plump and soft. Oth­er­wise, a tea­spoon of this age de­lay­ing elixir, rich in resver­a­trol, will help slow down the clock. 7 Na­ture’s Way Col­la­gen Gum­mies $19.95 na­turesway.com.au 8 Foun­tain The Beauty Mol­e­cule $60 de­ciem.com

I’ve been lov­ing this col­la­gen pep­tide that I’ve been tak­ing. I can see a dif­fer­ence – my nails are stronger and there’s a health­ier... how do you ex­plain it? A glow. It’s sort of that work­ing from the in­side-out thing. Vi­tal Pro­teins Col­la­gen Pep­tides $25 ama­zon.com

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