‘We’re not e FAKE BITCHES’

The ‘snakes’ of the man­sion speak their minds on Shannon, Britt, Soph and Brooke!

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They’ve been called snakes, vil­lains and even bul­lies, but The Bach­e­lor “mean girls” Alisha AitkenRad­burn, Cat He­nesy and Romy Poulier – aka The Tri­pod, as they’ve branded them­selves – tell NW they’re just keep­ing it real. “If you wanna call me the vil­lain, then sure, I’ll own it,” rages jew­ellery de­signer Cat, 24. “I’m out­spo­ken and tell things how they are – I don’t think that’s a crime. I’d rather be do­ing it openly in the house than do­ing it off cam­era and be­hind closed doors, which is what every­one else is do­ing.” Yep, in a can­did chat with NW, the drama queens re­veal what re­ally goes on when the

Putting on a per­for­mance

Po­lit­i­cal ad­vi­sor Alisha, 25, reck­ons the blow-up be­tween the Tri­pod and Shannon Baff, 25, and Blair Thomas, 27, dur­ing last week’s cock­tail party was ba­si­cally a stitch-up by Shannon – and some­thing that should have been dis­cussed off cam­era.

“I think Shannon was re­ally cal­cu­lated in the way she at­tacked Cat – she knows it’s tele­vised and she knows that by es­sen­tially hu­mil­i­at­ing Cat, she’ll cre­ate a jux­ta­po­si­tion in which she’s go­ing to be the an­gel and Cat’s the devil... and she’s think­ing, ‘Yeah, that plays out well for me.’”

In fact, the girls be­lieve there’s an­other side to Shannon we’ve yet to see!

“She does a very good job at por­tray­ing her­self as a sweet, in­no­cent girl who wants to spread love – but give her a cou­ple of vi­nos and she turns into a grem­lin!” says ac­tress and pho­to­shoot di­rec­tor Romy. “She’s a hot mess!”

Romy, 29, claims that once Shannon ques­tioned Nick’s mo­tives for be­ing on the show af­ter a few drinks on a group date. “She goes to Nick, ‘You’re just do­ing it for the big bucks, aren’t ya? They pay you – you’re just do­ing it for the big bucks!” Romy al­leges. “They did

a re­ally good edit cam­eras are off – and they spill on who’s real and who’s fake!

on her and I get an­noyed be­cause she was throw­ing burg­ers at us and swear­ing at us!”

Alisha be­lieves many of the Bach­e­lorettes were smart enough to re­search how to get a good edit on the show.

“I feel like a lot of the girls watched Un­real and noted down the ‘wifey’ con­cept,” she says. “They’ve gone in and stud­ied pre­vi­ous sea­sons and thought, ‘Well if I don’t talk about any­thing on cam­era, then I’ll be right as rain. Then I can hu­mil­i­ate these other girls and get them pi­geon­holed as the vil­lains, which will suit me well.”

Bring­ing down Brooke

It’s not just Alisha, Cat and Romy cop­ping the heat – the girls say beloved Brooke Blur­ton, 23, has been tar­geted by their fel­low Bach­e­lorettes.

“Brit­tany [Hock­ley] and So­phie [Tie­man] were sassy, opin­ion­ated and whis­per­ing all the time,” says Romy. “We over­heard quite a lot of the com­ments and I think that they re­alised Brooke was big com­pe­ti­tion and be­tween them, they def­i­nitely had an opin­ion about it. I love Brooke, she’s a leg­end, so I think it was a jeal­ousy thing.”

Jeal­ousy, in­deed, as Cat says she be­lieves Brooke is the most com­pat­i­ble for Nick!

“I think girls find Brooke as a threat and they just ob­vi­ously can see she is a front run­ner,” she ad­mits. “There is clearly chem­istry be­tween them.”

Cop­ping the heat

While the trio are fine to own up to the “vil­lain” tag, the one thing they’re not cop­ing with is the on­line bul­ly­ing as a re­sult.

Brissie res­i­dent Romy has been in­un­dated with hate fol­low­ing her neck nuz­zle with Nick on their sin­gle date early on.

“I un­der­stand how the au­di­ence saw ag­gres­sion in that kiss, but it wasn’t like that. They only saw a short amount of our date and they were very quick to judge that I was force­ful. They didn’t see the whole thing, and slut­sham­ing some­one be­cause of an ac­tion on a re­al­ity TV show was quite hurt­ful,” she ad­mits, claim­ing the worst thing some­one has mes­saged her is, “Go slit your wrists,” and, “My par­ents should be ashamed of me.”

When asked whether she be­lieves Nick should speak out in her de­fence, Romy laughs.

“I don’t think he would be both­ered,” she says.

Not that they seem wor­ried about Nick’s thoughts! In fact, Cat sug­gests she’s not even at­tracted to the Bach­e­lor.

“It is more of a prawn sit­u­a­tion,” she harshly de­clares.

“I am se­ri­ous! It is more of a good body... but any­thing [from the] shoul­der up is de­bat­able.”

Cat in­sists that while she and her gang are guilty of say­ing things that ruf­fle feath­ers, they shouldn’t be sin­gled out.

“Britt and So­phie wouldn’t do any­thing on cam­era, but they’d put up a sheet around their bed and be whis­per­ing and talk­ing about every­one,” spills Cat. “It’s all well and good peo­ple trolling me and call­ing me a bully, but I’m hon­est – sue me!”

Alisha is fast to backup Cat’s claims that they’re not alone in the catty be­hav­iour.

“I felt like a lot of the girls would say bitchy things be­hind peo­ple’s backs. Peo­ple would find out and some­one like my­self, Cat or Romy would hold them ac­count­able for it and they would all of a sud­den be like this wall­flower who didn’t want to dis­cuss it be­cause they want to keep this fa­cade of, like, ‘I’m this per­fect an­gel baby.’”

Who was most guilt of putting on this “an­gel baby rou­tine”?

“Britt and Shannon – those are your two,” Alisha says. “Brit­tany gets in Romy’s face about be­ing an ac­tress when she her­self has a Star Now pro­file and has a bloody Get­away show reel on Youtube – it’s those dou­ble stan­dards that get to me.”

Road to fame

With the Bach­e­lorettes hard at work pro­tect­ing their images now that fu­ture chances at on-screen ro­mance hang in the air with Bach­e­lor In Par­adise and The Bach­e­lorette, Alisha has one sug­ges­tion. “I can’t wait for a vil­lain Bach­e­lorette,” she laughs. “If Nick doesn’t pick us, then maybe there could be three of us – Lish, Cat and Romy try­ing to find love to­gether!” ■

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