Chan­ning & Jenna’s split gets nasty

Chan­ning & Jenna What ’s at stake? The for­mer spouses are clash­ing over mil­lions and Lit­tle Miss Everly

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Since sep­a­rat­ing from Chan­ning Ta­tum in April, Jenna De­wan has tried putting a cheery spin on the end of their nine-year mar­riage.

“I feel I’ve been on the wave of growth,” Jenna said re­cently. “It’s OK for a re­la­tion­ship to change into a new form that is ac­tu­ally bet­ter for both peo­ple in­volved, and I think that’s

maybe what shocked ev­ery­one so much – that it can be a pos­i­tive thing.”

It’s not so pos­i­tive any­more. Ev­ery time Chan and Jenna head to me­di­a­tion to dis­cuss the terms of their di­vorce, “they can’t seem to agree on any­thing,” claims a source. “Their meet­ings have been con­tentious.”

One big is­sue? Their adorbs five-year-old daugh­ter Everly.

“They can’t agree on cus­tody,” a friend tells In­touch magazine. “They’re both work­ing hard to do what’s in the best in­ter­est of their daugh­ter. But it’s tak­ing way longer than they both ex­pected be­cause they can’t agree on the small de­tails.”

An­other stick­ing point is Chan’s es­ti­mated $80 mil­lion for­tune. While World­of­dance judge Jenna has a suc­cess­ful movie and TV ca­reer, Chan­ning has starred in many block­busters – like Mag­icmike and 21Jump Street – and was the fam­ily’s main bread­win­ner.

“Jenna has told friends that she gave Chan­ning the best years or her life,” al­leges the source. “Now she’s try­ing to ne­go­ti­ate a very se­cure fu­ture for her­self.”

There’s a lot at stake fi­nan­cially. Dur­ing the course of their mar­riage, the pair ac­quired sev­eral as­sets – in­clud­ing an $8 mil­lion Bev­erly Hills home and pricey cars like a $100,000 Tesla Model X and a vin­tage Chevro­let truck. Find­ing com­mon ground when it comes to di­vid­ing their stuff “is not easy”, ex­plains the friend. “They both want it to be over with.”

Point of no re­turn

Jenna, 37, never thought it would come to this.

“She isn’t pleased about how it’s all played out so far,” in­sists the source. “She’s bit­ter. There are days when she’s blam­ing him for not work­ing harder to save their mar­riage.”

And while she’s told pals that she hopes she and Chan­ning, 38, can re­main friends, she knows deep down there’s a pos­si­bil­ity that may never hap­pen.

“Chan­ning shouldn’t un­der­es­ti­mate Jenna,” con­cludes the source. “She’s look­ing out for her­self and at the end of the day... she’s not go­ing to walk away qui­etly.” ■

They were at war on Love Is­land, caught up in a love tri­an­gle with Grant Crapp, but Tayla Damir and Cas­sidy Mcgill have called a cease­fire, as they re­con­nect in Syd­ney months af­ter both be­ing burnt by the bad boy.

Yep, af­ter Cass, 23, was dumped for Tayla, 21, the girls dis­cov­ered they were both “fools” in the end when Grant re­united with his ex, Lucy Cartwright – the “se­cret girl­friend” he was al­leged to have left at home.

We got the girls to­gether to chat about the fall­out!

Cas­sidy: How do you feel about Grant at the mo­ment? Do you feel like he’s lost his mind? Tayla: I’m not sure there was ever a mind to lose. Cas­sidy: Are you in com­mu­ni­ca­tion with him? Tayla: No. No com­mu­ni­ca­tion. I ac­tu­ally don’t have a com­ment on what he’s do­ing or what he’s like, be­cause I ac­tu­ally don’t have enough care. Like, I haven’t even given it a sec­ond thought. I don’t fol­low him. I don’t re­ally know what he does. What are your thoughts on Grant? Cas­sidy: He’s lost the ab­so­lute plot – he’s gone cuckoo! Tayla: Do you think he wants to stay rel­e­vant by be­ing the most-hated per­son? Cas­sidy: Uh-huh. I think he’s look­ing at it like, as long as peo­ple are say­ing his name, it doesn’t mat­ter whether it’s good or bad. Be­cause ev­ery­one else [from the cast] is very mel­low and he’s just on this warpath of, “I don’t give a f**k!” Wait, are you go­ing on

Ex On the Beach [with him]? Tayla: Wow, no. That’s a hard no. Cas­sidy: Are you dat­ing Dom [Thomas, from Love Is­land]? Tayla: No, I’m not dat­ing Dom. Cas­sidy: We were root­ing for you! Tayla: [Laughs] No – sorry! Since com­ing out and watch­ing the show, have you changed your opin­ion on any­one? Cas­sidy: You! That was a big one, be­cause I ac­tu­ally saw how ma­nip­u­lated you were in that first week when Grant was cou­pled up with me, but flirt­ing with you. That def­i­nitely made me re­alise that in my last week, when I cou­pled up with Grant while he was with you, that you were 100 per cent col­lat­eral dam­age. It was never meant to hurt you. Tayla: I feel the same with you! When I came out and watched it, that’s when I was like, “No won­der she went f**king crazy at me.

I would have gone crazy too.” What’s been the worst thing since leav­ing the show?

Cas­sidy: So­cial me­dia – trolling, bul­lies, and small-minded peo­ple think­ing they know you from what they’ve seen on the show. It’s re­ally hard to shut those peo­ple out... What about you?

Tayla: The worst would be com­ing out and find­ing out that my boyfriend had a girl­friend!

Cas­sidy: What are you talk­ing about? He broke up with her!

Tayla: [Laughs] I ac­tu­ally don’t even think that was the worst... I think the worst for me is com­ing out and see­ing girls com­ment on his pho­tos, “Tayla, take him back!” or, “Why aren’t you with Grant?” No-one was ever nasty to me or ma­li­cious, but it was just the fact that peo­ple thought that what he’d done was for­giv­able, and that was re­ally up­set­ting me be­cause I’m like, “That’s not OK, and I’m not go­ing to take him back.”

Cas­sidy: You know, the way you’ve han­dled it is ad­mirable. For a mo­ment there, I thought you were back to­gether with him! I’m very happy to see you strong and happy. Good girl!

Tayla: [Laughs] We both came out on top!

NW: Wasn’t there a stage where Grant was talk­ing about giv­ing things an­other shot with Cass?

Cas­sidy: He told peo­ple that we had a pri­vate con­ver­sa­tion and that we caught up. I was at a din­ner ta­ble with my man­ager and Justin [Lakos, Love Is­land co-star]. Grant rang Justin’s phone and Justin handed it to me! He showed up to one of my ap­pear­ances and all night he was telling John James and Justin how beau­ti­ful I look! I was like, ‘Mate, if you drag me into your f**king s**thole life – I will end you!”

Tayla: You mean his Crapp life! [Laughs]

NW: What did you guys think when Grant dis­cussed his re­la­tion­ship with Lucy pub­licly?

Cas­sidy: I laughed. Dis­grace­ful! I was so dis­ap­pointed.

Tayla: I laughed be­cause I was right! I mean it hurt, but I also thought, “OK, well my gut was com­pletely right! I’m now so proud of my­self.”

Cas­sidy: Whether or not [they were to­gether when Grant was on the show], it’s dis­ap­point­ing. Tayla: So any­way, aren’t he and Kim [Hart­nett, from Love Is­land] dat­ing now? [Laughs] Cas­sidy: That sounds about right – he doesn’t know how to date with­out hav­ing a girl­friend. He needs two at a time, which is strange, be­cause he isn’t the kind of guy who can han­dle two at once. Tayla: That’s life, though. You’ve just got to laugh. What more can you do? NW: Cass, was it dif­fi­cult when you and Tayla got back in touch? Cas­sidy: I was ready to let it go and reach out to Tayla once all the s**t started hap­pen­ing with Grant. I was very pro­tec­tive of her – I al­most felt like I owed it to her be­cause he hurt me and I know what it feels like, so it was only go­ing to be worse for her. Tayla: I think the fact that both of us came out and didn’t bag each other out was kind of like an un­spo­ken truth. When I came out and it was all hap­pen­ing, I was like, “F**k, Cass must be laugh­ing.” Cas­sidy: When did you click that he had a girl­friend? Tayla: When I was out of the villa. I found out the day we were fly­ing back home. Cas­sidy: So he told you at the air­port?

Tayla: Well, he didn’t tell me. I did my re­search!

Cas­sidy: You got your phone back?! I was in lock­down af­ter the show for three or four days be­cause they were go­ing to put me back in the villa! Tayla: Why didn’t you go back in?

Cas­sidy: I re­fused! Any­way, that’s in­ter­est­ing – he didn’t come for­ward and tell you?

Tayla: I bluffed him! I told Grant that Lucy con­tacted my par­ents.

Cas­sidy: And he came clean?

Tayla: Half of it... Ev­ery day there was more to the story.

Cas­sidy: Did he con­firm that they were in a re­la­tion­ship or that they broke up for the show?

Tayla: He said that they were liv­ing to­gether on and off, like, five days a week and that he’d said, “I love you.” He said they were dat­ing, and that she knew he was go­ing on the show and that he was go­ing on there to pro­mote his busi­ness and that he’d be there when he got out. [ Grant and Lucy deny they were to­gether be­fore the show, in­sist­ing they were just

friends.] But then he was like, “Then I fell in love with you, and I want to be with you!” I was like, “Get away from me! I’ve got the ick!” [Laughs]

Cas­sidy: How did you fake it? Tayla: I didn’t, though. I didn’t fake it. I did fully try. I said I didn’t want him com­ing to Perth be­cause I didn’t want him meet­ing my fam­ily


or my friends . In the end, I was just like, “This is not worth it.” Cas­sidy: Later, bye, there’s your s**t!’ Tayla: Bye Feli­cia! [Laughs] I still think his [$25,000 prize] should go to a char­ity. He broke a con­tract! It says you have to have been sin­gle to go on the show! Cas­sidy: He doesn’t de­serve that money. You ob­vi­ously re­gret split­ting it with him now, right? Tayla: No, not for a sec­ond! I be­lieved [in our re­la­tion­ship]. I think it just teaches me a les­son in life... Keep your money! [Laughs] NW: Con­sid­er­ing what you two have been through, would you guys do Love Is­land again? Cas­sidy: I would, but I would go into it with very dif­fer­ent ex­pec­ta­tions, be­cause I was so hell-bent on find­ing love. It was drilled into me that that’s what we were there to do. Tayla: When you’re in there, you feel like you’re in love, be­cause your goal ev­ery sin­gle day is to fall in love. Ev­ery chal­lenge is to make you fall for some­one, if you would even speak about go­ing to the hideaway with some­one, some­thing would hap­pen to get you to that hideaway. The only thing you had to do was to fall in love, so then you get out and go, “OK, that’s not re­al­ity.” Cas­sidy: But in there, it felt so real! NW: What about UK Love Is­land? Tayla: If Shane was in there! He’s was one of the chauf­feurs! One of the first things we all said to each other was, “Did you get Shane as your chauf­feur?” Cas­sidy: Shane! So he’s 40 next year and he’s got a rig and a half, and the best per­son­al­ity. He’s just a 10 out of 10. He’s the f**king best! But to an­swer your ques­tion, I think the UK se­ries would break me. Tayla: It’s so in­tense! Cas­sidy: It’s just vi­cious – like, peo­ple think I was the f**king crazy b*tch on this show, but I’m like, “Bro, I’m muted com­pared to UK!” Tayla: You were! [Laughs] But the Aussie ver­sion was like you and me the whole show! Cas­sidy: [Laughs] Yep, the Tayla and Cas­sidy show! ■

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Tayla & Cas­sidy re­unite at NW’S ex­clu­sive shoot in Syd­ney on Au­gust 27

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