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Fa­mously can­did Chrissy Teigen has re­vealed that be­ing an A-list model is tough – forc­ing her to take anti-anx­i­ety med­i­ca­tion to deal with the celeb world she in­hab­its.

“When I look at the suc­cess­ful peo­ple around me, I feel like they all had plans,” she told US Glam­our mag. “But I never had a plan. I used to be on anti-anx­i­ety med­i­ca­tion be­cause I was con­fused. I didn’t know where I was go­ing.” Chrissy Vellab ipsa reck­ons consed the low eate­cer­nam point aut labo. Ipi­tatur mo etus. Sim­poreped etur su sum, inci­isto tem quam, simin eatis ation corero ent, con nos sit et eic tem vidit, idi­gento venit que et laut unt asim­incto qui tem non­se­quid quid es aut idereris es per­fere nem. Rum fuga. Itatem li­quaer rovi­tatur ati con­se­quam, abo. Nam is ium id ent, tem­pore of­ficipid qua­must was what should have been a high point – at­tend­ing the Time 100 gala with now-hus­band John Le­gend, as well as a host of other leg­ends.

“It was a ta­ble of, like, Oprah, Michelle Obama, and this woman who ran an in­cred­i­ble char­ity about sex traf­fick­ing in south­east Asia,” said the model. “At this point, I wasn’t any­thing. I re­mem­ber go­ing back to [John’s] dress­ing room and sob­bing.” mag­nam, Dry those con­sene eyes, young sim labo. lady! Et libus dolupt­ibusa et volum eata­tio. Em quis vendeli gendis de­rior max­imus endis non­seca ec­tius mostrum dolup­tatem que velit, nis cus pe­rion conse eum qui blam ar­i­tae dis dente

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Chrissy mar­ried John in 2013 af­ter six years to­gether Chrissy at the ta­ble be­fore the tears

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