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When Snezana Markoski mar­ried Sam Wood on Novem­ber 29, 29 it was the fairy­tale mo­ment ev­ery­one ev had been wait­ing for since sin they fell in love on The Bach­e­lor Ba three years ago. “There w was ac­tu­ally a mo­ment where Is I stopped, looked around and co couldn’t believe how per­fect it was,” gushes Snez, who says the day was ev­ery­thing she’d dreamed of “and more”.

The pair ini­tially planned to tie the knot in Italy last year, but that all changed with the ar­rival of their baby girl Wil­low, who cel­e­brated her first birth­day in Oc­to­ber. It’s the sec­ond child for Snez, who’s also mum to Eve, her 13-year-old daugh­ter from a pre­vi­ous re­la­tion­ship.

Yep, with a body like that, can you believe Snez had her sec­ond child only a lit­tle more than a year ago?! Whoa mamma!

While there’s no doubt that Snezana’s in the best shape of her life, as a new mum, it was im­por­tant for her to take time to ease into a rou­tine that she felt com­fort­able with. Luck­ily, she’s had the per­fect cheer­leader to guide her through the body trans­for­ma­tion – her hunky per­sonal trainer hubby Sam, who’s sup­ported her on her jour­ney ev­ery step of the way.

“It was all about not putting pres­sure on her­self, not be­ing in a rush,” says Sam, who guided Snez through his “28 by Sam Wood” plan. “I think ev­ery­one for­gets that, yes, Snez looks amaz­ing – but Wil­low’s over a year old. She didn’t rush, she did it at her own pace.”

Best of all, Snezana doesn’t just look fab­u­lous, she’s feel­ing health­ier and stronger than ever! Here, the cou­ple talk fit­ness, fam­ily and their spe­cial day...

You planned to marry in Italy. How’d you end up get­ting hitched in By­ron Bay? Snez: When we found out we were preg­nant with lit­tle Wil­low, we needed to change our plans, but it worked out for the best. Italy would have been beau­ti­ful, but we had the per­fect day.

Were Wil­low and Eve both in­volved in the cer­e­mony? Snez: Wil­low and Eve walked down the aisle to­gether hold­ing hands. Ev­ery­one was talk­ing about it and in tears. Sam: [Snez] looked so, so beau­ti­ful, and I was all teared up from when the girls had just walked down the aisle!

Did you wear some­thing old, new, bor­rowed and blue? Snez: I didn’t ac­tu­ally – I missed the blue one. I wore an an­tique bracelet that be­longed to Sam’s mum [and] was very spe­cial.

You’ve talked about los­ing weight since hav­ing Wil­low. Did you have to have your wed­ding dress al­tered? Snez: I was hav­ing it made, so it was al­ways fit­ted to my body shape. Since I’d gone in to see the de­signer to choose it, my body had changed shape – but noth­ing ex­ces­sive.

How do you feel your body’s changed since hav­ing Wil­low? Snez: I’m def­i­nitely stronger... I kept work­ing out dur­ing my preg­nancy, which helped a lot. Once I had Wil­low, I took it easy for six to eight weeks. And once I felt OK, I kept work­ing out. Sam: She’s just con­sis­tent, you know? Once she got to that eight-week mark, she started eas­ing into it, and once she got to the four-month mark she re­ally sort of... with the wed­ding on the hori­zon, that was her mo­ti­va­tion. Snez: Yeah, you do want to look good for your wed­ding, but I don’t think I felt pres­sure. I feel I just wanted to look back at the pho­tos and ev­ery­thing and go, “I look good, I look healthy”.

Sam, did you al­ter Snez’s work­outs for the preg­nancy? Sam: Yeah, ab­so­lutely. My pro­gram has preg­nancy and post­na­tal op­tions, so she fol­lowed both of those. Snez is the first to say she’s re­ally happy that she stayed ac­tive dur­ing the preg­nancy, and again safe – not too in­tense, not wor­ry­ing if she missed work­outs here or there. Just stay­ing strong, stay­ing healthy is good for the baby.

You do want to look good for your wed­ding, but I don’t think I felt pres­sure – Snezana

She was re­ally big on that, do­ing her pelvic floor ex­er­cises and that kind of stuff, and some Pi­lates move­ments.

So it’s more about strength than los­ing weight? Snez: Def­i­nitely. I’m not look­ing at los­ing any­thing – it’s more about get­ting stronger and feel­ing fit­ter. I def­i­nitely don’t want to lose any weight. Sam: I sort of said to her early on, “How do you feel com­pared to Evie?” Be­cause, you know, there’s a big gap in be­tween – it’s 13 years be­tween ba­bies. And she said, “I guess the thing for me is, it will be rep­re­sen­ta­tive of gen­er­ally stay­ing in shape”. As you get older, like ev­ery­thing, your me­tab­o­lism slows down a bit, and she did find that. So it was about not putting pres­sure on her­self, not be­ing in a rush.

How many times a week do you work out, Snez? Snez: I haven’t been do­ing any­thing ex­ces­sive. It’s mainly three times a week. I do my 28 work­outs, but they are enough to make me feel so much fit­ter and stronger and more en­er­getic. I’m run­ning around with Wil­low all the time now, so I def­i­nitely feel a lot stronger – the strong­est I’ve ever felt.

How much of a role did Sam play in get­ting you back in shape? Snez: Sam has been great in help­ing me with mo­ti­va­tion and just be­ing there for me. I don’t feel like I’m be­ing pushed, and he knows my goals and he knows what I can do. Sam: She might say, “Sam, can you write some­thing up for me on the white­board at home?” She’s got a lit­tle white­board on the fridge, and tells me if she wants to work on her abs or booty. In the lead-up to our wed­ding, she was in the zone.

Snez, have you kept track of your weight loss? Snez: I’ve never weighed my­self, so I have no idea what I am now. But if I go by my clothes, I’m still a few ki­los heav­ier than I was be­fore I fell preg­nant with Wil­low. I’m about an eight, so I’m ba­si­cally back to my nor­mal dress size.

You’ve bounced back so well! What’s your ad­vice for new mums? Snez: Now I have Wil­low, some days my work­out will take all day – so just fit it in where you can. If you only get in a minute or two, then have to stop be­cause you have to feed your bub or change their nappy, so be it. Just pick it back up once they go to sleep. Don’t beat your­self up that you couldn’t do it and give up. Ev­ery lit­tle mo­ment that you get, just do it and then move on. Sam: Sleep is re­ally, re­ally crit­i­cal, too. Snez would be the first to ad­mit that she likes to have a tidy house. But get­ting her com­fort­able when there was mess around – or to boss me around to pull my weight and help out more – was re­ally

Now I have Wil­low, some days my work­outs will take all day. If you only get in a minute or two, then have to stop be­cause you have to feed bub, so be it! – Snezana

We both want an­other baby, but we’re tak­ing one thing at a time! – Snezana

im­por­tant. Ask­ing for help, get­ting com­fort­able that things are not go­ing to be per­fect when you’ve got a baby, is re­ally im­por­tant – be­cause [Snez] be­ing able to take a nap when Wil­low took a nap was a life­saver for her.

It’s not all work­out, though, Snez, is it? What do you eat on a typ­i­cal day? Snez: In the morn­ing I’ll have a smoothie or some­thing with a shot of cof­fee – I don’t like to eat any­thing too heavy in the morn­ing. Around 10am I’ll have an omelette or a side­bowl, then lunchtime I’ll have a salad off the “28” menu – they’re all yummy! Or I’ll have left­overs from the night be­fore, like roast ve­g­ies and some pro­tein. My favourite would be prob­a­bly Sam’s chicken tikka – we had that last night. It’s ab­so­lutely yum.

Who’s the most dis­ci­plined? Snez: Oh, def­i­nitely Sam. But he has his weak­nesses as well. We’re both pretty good – we bal­ance each other out. We do ev­ery­thing in mod­er­a­tion, we’re not ob­ses­sive with food or ex­er­cise or any­thing like that. We’re very re­al­is­tic about what we eat and what we do.

Sam, you’re wifey is ba­si­cally smokin’ hot! What’s your fave body part of hers? Sam: I love her back, ac­tu­ally – yeah, her back and her neck! Snez is tough. You know she’s to­tally got this at­ti­tude that, “If I’m go­ing to do it, I may as well do it prop­erly”. She’s very men­tally tough. Like, if we were to do a plank or a wall squat, she would be able to hold it for longer than me, I reckon.

Wil­low re­cently had her first birth­day. What’s it like be­ing a fam­ily of four? Snez: It’s fan­tas­tic. It’s great. It’s a mad­house, an ab­so­lute mad­house – but I wouldn’t change it for a thing. Sam: Oh, I think it’s the best thing in the world. I know that’s a bit of a cliché, but I’ve got mates that have kids and they’ve al­ways spo­ken about it – and I can’t believe how good it is. I’ve never raced home quicker from a day at work, or spent morn­ings at home and not wor­ried about get­ting to the of­fice. It’s to­tally changed my per­spec­tive on life to what’s re­ally im­por­tant. Snez: Sam ab­so­lutely loves it. Wil­low’s at the front wait­ing to greet him when he gets home.

Awww! Al­right, how long till you have an­other baby, then? Snez: We both want an­other one, but what­ever hap­pens, hap­pens, I guess! We’re re­ally tak­ing one thing at a time. I think we wanted to have our wed­ding and then dis­cuss that.

Does Eve en­joy be­ing a sis­ter? Snez: Yeah, she does – she loves it. She and Wil­low have a great re­la­tion­ship and they’re al­ways be­ing cheeky or get­ting up to some sort of mis­chief. Sam: They make each other laugh and they play all the time. Wil­low’s ob­sessed with Eve – she fol­lows her around the house, sneaks into her room, steals her things al­ready... I mean, they’ve got quite a funny re­la­tion­ship! Even though the age gap is so big, they’ve got this amaz­ing bond.

Did you guys get to see The Bach­e­lor or Bach­e­lor In Par­adise this year? Sam: I didn’t see Bach­e­lor In Par­adise. To be hon­est, I didn’t see a lot of The Bach­e­lor ei­ther. I did see the fi­nale, though, and I didn’t see that [ending] com­ing!

Did you think Nick Cum­mins de­served the flak he got for re­ject­ing both fi­nal­ists? Sam: I un­der­stand peo­ple are very in­vested and it’s a lot for the girls to go through, and then for that to be the out­come. But part of me thinks that if he wasn’t sure, then he did the right thing. He would be do­ing one of those girls an in­jus­tice to com­mit to them falsely, and I think it was prob­a­bly a pretty hard and brave thing that he did, even though it wasn’t a pop­u­lar move.

So now you two are fi­nally hitched, what are the hon­ey­moon plans? Snez: Not sure just yet. With Eve still at school, it’s back to work for the next few weeks – but then we’ll plan some­thing spe­cial for next year for sure!

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