How much are celebs' bod­ies RE­ALLY WORTH?

Boobs, bums... chest h h hair? These stars in­sure their prime as­sets

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Just imag­ine, God for­bid, the hor­ror of Kim Kar­dashian’s bu bum de­flat­ing, or Je Jen­nifer Anis­ton go­ing bald... b it’s just not worth con­sid­er­ing. Tha That’s why in­sur­ance is im im­por­tant, peo­ple. (Y (Yes, you’re still read­ing re NW – th this is not a Go C Com­pare #ad.) It may be a has­sle, n not to men­tion an an­noy­ing an ex­pense, bu but it’s good to know tha that, when the prover­bial prov hits the fan, our o as­sets are well pro­tected. pr Af­ter all, what wha good is a house

with a leak­ing roof?

But while we’re over here pre­tend­ing to be fi­nan­cial journos and hag­gling over re­newal quotes, those celebs just have to go ex­tra. Be­cause they’re valu­able be­ings, OK? With faces – or boobs, or bums, or legs – so fa­mous, they re­quire ex­tra pro­tec­tion.

So the most pru­dent on the A-list of­ten take mat­ters into their own high-priced hands, and take out poli­cies on choice bits of their fa­mous bods. It may seem ex­treme, not to men­tion big-headed (do big heads carry pricier poli­cies?), but think about it. If a foot­baller’s money maker is his right foot, it makes sense that he guar­an­tees it – just in case he’s out for a few months and misses his mul­ti­mil­lion­dol­lar weekly pay.

As with all celeb crazes, the body-in­sur­ing phe­nom­e­non kicked off in Hol­ly­wood in the ’40s, when pin-up ac­tress Betty Grable took out a $1.4 mil­lion pol­icy on her legs. Since then, it’s be­come de rigueur for stars, like get­ting their gold fa­cials or bian­nual colonics colonics.

For 30 years, Ju­lia Roberts has been wor­shipped for her megawatt smile, so it’s no sur­prise that she in­sured her teeth for $42 mil­lion. Kylie Minogue’s bum, mean­while, is an in­sti­tu­tion in it­self. A $7 mil­lion pol­icy en­sures that the singer’s got it cov­ered for ev­ery even­tu­al­ity.

Then we have Heidi Klum’s legs, which carry a $2.7 mil­lion war­ranty. Fair enough, when you con­sider that a model with­out her strut is like the Queen with­out her crown – lack­ing in power and pur­pose. But make no mis­take: even celebs have flaws and must be val­ued ac­cord­ingly. That’s why Heidi’s left leg, which has a sub­tle scar, is ac­tu­ally worth less than her right leg. Yes, re­ally.

This brings us to the com­plex mat­ter of as­sess­ing an as­set – a process that isn’t taken lightly. Lloyd’s of London is the most pop­u­lar port of call for celebs wish­ing to pro­tect their bits from dis­as­ter. Jonathan Thomas,

a spe­cial­ist un­der­writer at Lloyd’s, works with VIPS daily. Ap­par­ently it’s an ex­clu­sive process.

“The part in ques­tion needs to be of suf­fi­cient eco­nomic value to sup­port in­sur­able in­ter­est in its loss,” he ex­plains (trans­la­tion: it needs to be worth big bucks). “I need to know the fi­nan­cial jus­ti­fi­ca­tion, the health/in­jury sta­tus of the per­son, and what cir­cum­stances they wish to in­sure for. That in­for­ma­tion and my ex­pe­ri­ence en­ables me to price the risk and to write out the breadth of cover I’ll give.”

Ac­cord­ing to Jonathan, the poli­cies are nor­mally paid an­nu­ally and can be re­newed. Or, in the case of a sportsper­son seek­ing cover for a spe­cific tour­na­ment, can run for a lim­ited pe­riod. Some­times it’s the celeb them­selves who per­son­ally takes out the pol­icy. Oth­er­wise, it’s a record com­pany or a film stu­dio, seek­ing to guar­an­tee an­tee their money-mak­ing star. ar. Daniel Craig, for ex­am­ple, ple, has his whole body in­sured ured for $13 mil­lion while film­ing lm­ing the Bond movies – be­cause ause it’s al­ways wise to pro­tect ect your pecs.

In his time, Jonathan has un­der­writ­ten some quirky poli­cies – like former Play­mate (and Hugh Hefner’s one-time num­ber one) Holly Madi­son, who in­sured her breasts for $1.4 mil­lion. He also worked with Head & Shoul­ders to in­sure Amer­i­can foot­ball player Troy Po­la­malu’s hair for the same sum. His most costly pol­icy? A $5.5 mil­lion guar­an­tee on a Dutch wine­maker’s nose. Smells like suc­cess, eh?

It may sound ex­treme, but re­ally, it’s one of the most sen­si­ble things a celeb – or any­one – can do (here we go again with the in­sur­ance lec­ture). Dancer Michael Flat­ley’s got some win­ning pins, so it’s only right that they’re in­sured for $54 mil­lion. Mu­si­cians also need to safe­guard their worth. Bruce Spring­steen’s got his voice

cov­ered for $8 mil­lion, while Keith Richards is said to have had his strum­ming fin­ger (yes, just the one) guar­an­teed for $2 mil­lion. But noth­ing comes close to David Beck­ham, who in his foot­ball-play­ing hey­day saw that his legs and feet were in­sured for $272 mil­lion. Take that, Heidi Klum.

While it may not be the sex­i­est of top­ics, in­sur­ance is an im­por­tant part of life – and a celeb in­sur­ing their bits is far from silly. Who knows? Maybe soon we’ll all be head­ing to our health pol­icy provider to value our bums. Ours must be worth at least a ten­ner. n


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