Chrissy Teigen

Novem­bermber 30, 1985

NW - - What's In Store For You And The Stars In 2019 -

Her hus­band John Leg­end might be the main fam­ily am­ily bread­win­ner right now but ut Chrissy could take on a new ew project that sees her own earn­ings quickly kly catch up.

LOVE Jupiter iter moves into your sign and not a mo­ment t too soon! In the past, t, you’ve been cyn­i­cal cal about love for no o good rea­son. A re­newed sense of hope plus a fresh sprinng spring in your step should maake make you one of the mosst most at­trac­tive signs of thhe the zo­diac.

WORK Don’t be sur­prised if Uranus brings outt out your mer­ce­naryy mer­ce­nary side. You won’t care about whaat what job you do as long as it pays topt top dol­lar. Youu’ve You’ve held prest­ti­gious pres­ti­gious but poor­lyy poorly paid roles and found them lack­king. lack­ing. Now bosses need to shhow show you the money.m money.

MONEY MONEYPO Pow­er­ful ow­er­ful plan­e­tary as­pects make this a ban­ner yeear year for fi­nances. A lot of rev­enue will come from un­ex­pected places. Set­ting some of it aside for a rain rainy day is a good move. Spend­ing th the rest of it on you and your loved ones is a bet­ter one.

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