Hold that pose – and hold that grudge! There’s no love lost be­tween these spar­ring celebs

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Talk about giv­ing each other a bad rap! These two hip-hop di­vas re­port­edly be­gan squab­bling in June 2017, when Cardi B joined sev­eral other fe­male rap­pers on stage with Nicki Mi­naj’s then-en­emy Remy Ma. Though Nicki de­nied hav­ing a prob­lem with the Bo­dak Yel­low singer and even went on to join her on the song Mo­tor­sport, ten­sion be­tween them sim­mered – and reached boil­ing point in Septem­ber in­side a New York Fash­ion Week party. The very pub­lic brawl left Cardi, 26, with a lump on her head and miss­ing a shoe. She claimed the brouhaha came about be­cause Nicki, 36, had dissed her par­ent­ing skills.



Is Sarah Jes­sica Parker a se­cret mean girl? For years, ru­mours cir­cu­lated that SJP shunned Kim Cat­trall on the Sex And The City set. But the two ac­tresses stayed mum... un­til ear­lier this year, when Kim’s brother passed away, and Sarah Jes­sica, 53, pub­licly of­fered her con­do­lences. Kim, 62, who’d pre­vi­ously scut­tled plans for a third SATC movie, re­sponded: “You are not my friend. So I’m writ­ing to tell you one last time to stop ex­ploit­ing our tragedy in or­der to re­store your ‘nice girl’ per­sona.” For her part, SJP won’t say any­thing bad about her for­mer co-star in­sist­ing, “This is not a cat­fight”.


“For­tu­nately, I have a lot of chil­dren,” says Cait­lyn Jen­ner, 69, who ad­mits she’s been es­tranged from the step-kids she raised with 63-year-old Kris – and from Kris her­self – since com­ing out with her rather an­tiKar­dashian tell-all The Se­crets Of My Life. “I was fi­nally giv­ing my side of the story,” says Cait­lyn. “Un­for­tu­nately, the Kar­dashi­ans... didn’t re­act that way.”

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