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It was an any­thing but a smooth run for A An­drew “Jonesy” Jones. First, F his bride Lau­ren Bran ditc ditched him after their wed­ding re­cep­tion, then he was rem re­matched with bomb­shell Ch­eryl M Mait­land, which also turned in into a night­mare. Since his 2017 se­ries wrapped, Jonesy Jonesy, who’s a fire­man based in Per Perth, has re­mained out of th the spot­light, at­tempt­ing to win back any sense o of nor­mal­ity. You didn’t have the best luck on the show, how are you go­ing these days? There’s still a bit of bit­ter­ness a and PTSD al­most – like y you see the ad and you h hear the voiceovers and y you still get that rush of a feel­ing, like you know w what’s go­ing on... In the new trailer, t the cast are at the t top of a roller­coaster. Is that how it feels? Ab­so­lutely. A I re­mem­ber that th ex­act feel­ing. It’s so ex­cit­ing ex at the time, but I Iw worry for them and re­mem­ber re how it felt at the start, com­pared to at the end. Given how the show im­pacted you, could you ever give love on TV an­other shot? I def­i­nitely wouldn’t do any ver­sion of MAFS again, I would never be able to trust it again. I got burnt a num­ber of times, pretty badly by peo­ple I trusted. I’d pos­si­bly think about some­thing with a dif­fer­ent edge, but I mean, I don’t need to. I’d maybe do some­thing fun, like Survivor – that would be good. I didn’t get to go over­seas on MAFS, so a trip over­seas would be good! How’s the love-life go­ing? Are you still sin­gle? Yes, but right at this mo­ment, I’ve never felt more of a drive to get back out there and start dat­ing again. I’m tak­ing the idea of go­ing on a few dates more se­ri­ously than I have for a long time. How are you plan­ning on get­ting back into dat­ing – will you go on a cou­ple of blind dates? I don’t know! I’m open to all ideas. But you def­i­nitely wouldn’t give The Bach­e­lor or The Bach­e­lorette a crack? I don’t know that it’s a medium that works – it doesn’t have the

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