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Since her turn in Sea­son Two, Clare Ver­rall has dom­i­nated head­lines – and while many have been som­bre as she dis­cusses her on­go­ing bat­tles with PTSD, this time she’s got happy news to share!

Tell us what you’ve been up to

since the show? Ahhh, well... It went re­ally bad. After the show, I had a to­tal break­down ba­si­cally. Oh, how up­set­ting – are you do­ing OK now? Don’t worry about it – it com­pletely re­trig­gered my PTSD. It was re­ally bad... I at­tempted sui­cide twice. My par­ents paid for me to go to a trauma cen­tre in March [2017] and I spent a month there. Since then I’ve been just get­ting bet­ter and now I’ve been re­ally well! We’re so happy to hear you’re do­ing much bet­ter! How has your love-life been go­ing since the show? I’m still sin­gle. I re­ally wanted to fo­cus on not dat­ing and learn­ing to love myself. I’m only just now start­ing to dip my toe back into the idea of dat­ing. I did set up a Bum­ble pro­file, how­ever there are al­ready four peo­ple us­ing my pho­tos and pre­tend­ing to be me, so... Wow! No way! Yeah, so I’m still sin­gle, but just start­ing to get myself back out there. And I’m about to freeze my eggs! How ex­cit­ing – tell us more... I start the process and med­i­ca­tion and ev­ery­thing this month. I have to get off the Pill first, then they’ll be tak­ing the eggs and har­vest­ing them in Fe­bru­ary. Ba­si­cally this has been my Christ­mas present to myself! Are you think­ing about do­ing it

on your own? Ah, yeah! I def­i­nitely would try. I mean, I’m pretty con­fi­dent about do­ing things on my own. Congrats – sounds like this year is go­ing to be quite a big g year for you! Thanks! An­other thing g is I lost 45kg last year...

Wow! How’d you do that? Ex­er­cis­ing, ng, but mostly it’s your cor­ti­sol lev­els, which are your stress hor­mones. When some­one me­one has PTSD or some­thing like that, your our body goes into fight or flight mode, , so [since I’ve been bet­ter] a lot of it has s fallen off. But be­ing able to walk again ain – and walk up to 10 kilo­me­tres again, , like I used to – and eat­ing bet­ter be­cause I can stand up for a minute, e, rather than just or­der­ing take­away, it’s been a real year of change.

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