SHAY MITCHELL 25 things you don’t know about me

s’ to foot From ‘Shay­ca­tion You and Pretty wash­ing, the the Lit­tle liars star gives us her life... low­down on

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1 I’m some­one who prefers savoury over sweet, but Honey Dough­nuts & Good­ies donuts in Van­cou­ver make me weak. They are amaz­ing.

2 I rarely sleep. Even when I have the time, I have trou­ble turn­ing my­self off to get more than four or five hours of rest.

3 My favourite place in the en­tire world is Italy. 4 I much pre­fer stay­ing home ver­sus go­ing out.

5 How­ever, I pre­fer to be trav­el­ling on “Shay­ca­tion” than be­ing home.

6 Bec Be­cause travel has al­ways been my num­ber one pas­sion, I sta started a lug­gage line called Béis Béis. I’ve never worked on som some­thing more metic­u­lously tha than I have with this, and eve ev­ery­thing about it feels right.

7 I’m the neat­est per­son ever in a ho ho­tel room. At home, th though? Not so much.

8 I still have the shirt I wore to my au­di­tion for Emily Fields (my char­ac­ter in Pretty Lit­tle Liars).

9 I have a sick ob­ses­sion with ex­ter­nal bat­tery charg­ers. I have one in ev­ery bag.

10 The last shows I binged were The Hand­maid’s Tale and Money Heist. 11 I’m a sucker for any­thing at the im­pulse sec­tion right at the check­out counter. It’s usu­ally a gad­get that never works, but I al­ways buy it.

12 Noth­ing makes me feel more pow­er­ful and in­spired than box­ing. Noth­ing!

13 I walk bet­ter in heels than I do in flats.

14 I al­ways wash my feet be­fore bed.

15 My big­gest pet peeve is peo­ple talk­ing with food in their mouth.

16 I res­cued my Ger­man Shep­herd-labrador dog An­gel four years ago, and she has been noth­ing but an an­gel since the day I brought her home – mi­nus the days she chews my Manolo Blah­niks!

17 All my fin­gers are dou­ble-jointed. I love freak­ing peo­ple out with them!

18 I cre­ated my Youtube chan­nel as a way to take peo­ple on va­ca­tion with me, and three years later I’m so proud of what it’s turned into.

19 I hate blue cheese. (I know, I know, don’t send hate mail!)

20 Lasik eye surgery was one of the best de­ci­sions I’ve ever made.

21 My favourite meal is chicken roti from Is­land Foods in Toronto – it’s in­cred­i­ble!


I have a fear of heights, but I have no prob­lem sky­div­ing.

23 I have a weird habit where I put my gum on top of things, like wa­ter bot­tles. Whoops!

24 I pre­fer warm weather to cold weather.

25 Film­ing You on the streets of NYC se­ri­ously ful­filled all my Gos­sip Girl fan­tasies... and film­ing with Penn [Bad­g­ley, who played Dan in Gos­sip Girl] didn’t hurt ei­ther!

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