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It only took took­min­utes min­utes for Ines Ba­sic and Bron­son Nor­rish to re­alise that their mar­riage was more fiz­zle than siz­zle. But for­tu­nately for Ines, her time on the show is far from over as she’s fallen head over heels for Sam Ball.

Now, in a tell-all with NW, Ines and Sam con­firm they are giv­ing their re­la­tion­ship a red-hot go – and they’re not apolo­getic for ditch­ing their part­ners ei­ther.

“You can’t re­ally build any­thing if there’s no phys­i­cal at­trac­tion or men­tal stim­u­la­tion,” 28-year-old le­gal as­sis­tant Ines tells NW of giv­ing Bron­son the boot. “What’s the point of stay­ing with some­one when deep down you know it’s not go­ing to work out?” And Sam agrees, ac­knowl­edg­ing he and El­iz­a­beth Sobi­noff were, a ahem, doomed at first sight.

“There was no way you w would want to con­tinue this w when we both ob­vi­ously don’t lik like each other,” he says of ch choos­ing to leave at the first co com­mit­ment cer­e­mony. “Liz is ob­vi­ously a lovely girl and sh she can talk, and there are so some traits there that I do like. Bu But un­for­tu­nately, the ma­jor­ity of her traits I don’t like.”

Ines, who also wanted to leave Bron­son and the ex­per­i­ment ad­mits, “You just can’t force those things. There’s so much pres­sure as it is, and you know they’re just not for you. I don’t know why you’d hang around and try and make it work.”

But with Sam, Ines says there’s noth­ing to force. “He’s so hot,” she says, ad­mit­ting sparks flew from the get-go. “You def­i­nitely need that chem­istry to make any­thing hap­pen. Their re­la­tion­ship was fail­ing and so was mine... You do en­ter the ex­per­i­ment to find love, so that’s sort of the main pur­pose and vi­sion be­hind it.”

Sam, 26, ad­mits that it’s a “sticky sit­u­a­tion”, but says be­ing with El­iz­a­beth was “hard work” and liv­ing with the “ball and chain” was pure “hell”. So when Ines slid into his In­sta­gram DMS, he was open to see­ing where things could go.

“I wasn’t ex­pect­ing it at all. I was lucky I had seen it, be­cause it came through in the mes­sage re­quests in­box. I was like, ‘Here we go, what’s the deal here?’ And ob­vi­ously the cu­rios­ity level was height­ened be­cause I didn’t know her at the time,” he ad­mits. “Phys­i­cally, Ines is more my type, but there were so many un­knowns about her and I had to find out.”

But some­thing tells us he and Ines – who both chose to leave at the lat­est com­mit­ment cer­e­mony but were forced to re­main af­ter Bron­son and El­iz­a­beth voted “stay” – have just upped the drama fac­tor to a thou­sand!

Uh-huh, this week view­ers will see the be­gin­nings of Sam and Ines’s shock ro­mance. But it’s wa­ter off a duck’s back for

Oh, it is on like Don­key Kong! Sam and Ines spill on ditch­ing their part­ners for each other...

the Bos­nian beauty, who is con­grat­u­lat­ing her­self on mak­ing the first move on Sam. “You don’t want to harm another in­di­vid­ual or cause any com­pli­ca­tions in other people’s mar­riages but if their mar­riage is fail­ing and yours is too...” she trails off. “Well, it is an ex­per­i­ment – and we are here to ex­per­i­ment.” n

‘I feel sorry for Sam. I can to­tally un­der­stand why he doesn’t want to be with her,’ says Ines of his wife Liz Mar­ried At First Sight airs 7.30pm Sun­dayWed­nes­day on Nine

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