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The party’s at your place! For­mer The Footyshow host Beau Ryan’s ditched the sports talk for spread­ing laughs on Ten’s new va­ri­ety show, Sun­daynight Take­away, along­side hosts Dr Chris Brown and Ju­lia Mor­ris. Here, he tells NW about his celeb crush, his dream guest and those ru­mours about him and Jackie “O” Hen­der­son...

Do you have a lit­tle bit of a crush on Chris Brown, like the rest of the coun­try? cent. But I’ve One been hun­dred fol­low­ing per him of his closely strange and habits. learnt I’m a few just wait­ing to re­veal on ev­ery­thing. the right mo­ment How do you find work­ing with Ju­lia Mor­ris? I love it. She’s so funny. Who would be your dream

guest? That is Drake. all. I love him. Who would you never want on the show? Prob­a­bly rap­per. That Chris would Brown make the re­hearsals and script­ing a night­mare. On your In­sta, you joked you do ex­tra push-ups be­fore tak­ing a pic for the ’Gram – do you do the same be­fore film­ing Sun­day Night Take­away? Yep. Con­stantly do­ing push-ups for the ex­tra pump. Did you and your wife [Kara Or­rell] just laugh at the ridicu­lous ru­mours that did the rounds about you and Jackie O? Yep. Com­plete bull­shit. Did it hurt your friend­ship

with Jackie? Nah, we are still good friends and work well to­gether. Have you been watch­ing MAFS – who is your favourite cou­ple? Least favourite?

Why? Yeah, my wife’s ad­dicted to it. I like the lit­tle crick­eter guy with Jules [Cameron Mer­chant]. They seem nice. I also like that Nic [Jo­vanovic] guy. I don’t have a least

favourite. They all of­fer plenty... Who’s the nicest celebrity you’ve

ever met? Matt Da­mon was a leg­end. In­vited me for beers af­ter we filmed but I had to do a live show that night. I re­gret not go­ing with him ev­ery sin­gle day. The rud­est? Ja­son Statham was nice but his peo­ple were not. What’s more fun work­wise – TV

or footy? TV. I get to make peo­ple happy and laugh rather than up­set when your team loses. You and Kara have a one-year-old boy, Jesse, and six-year-old daugh­ter, Remi. Any plans for more kids? Not right now but you never say never. What’s the weird­est thing a fan

has ever sent/given to you? I got sent a photo of a guy stand­ing with a photo of The Rock that he wanted me to sign. I obliged. No idea why he wanted me to sign it though. Do you have many peo­ple slid­ing into your DMS with strange re­quests? Yeah, just the other day a guy asked me what size my feet were. I lied and said size 8. What’s your TV guilty plea­sure? My daugh­ter loves I’macelebrity... Get­me­out­ofhere!, so we’ve been watch­ing that but my wife and I are lov­ing Bil­lions on Stan. What’s the last show you binged? Es­capeat­dan­nemora on Stan. Ad­dicted to it. Airs 7.30pm Sun­days on Chan­nel Ten

Beau and his co-stars Chris and Ju­lia are tak­ing over Sun­day nights!

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