‘Cheat and I’ll take Stormi’

She’s watch­ing her sis­ters’ prob­lems and is ter­ri­fied it will hap­pen to her... Kylie warns Travis:

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Kylie li J Jen­ner has watched her sis­ters get cheated on over and over – but now the youngest Kar-jen­ner sib­ling is won­der­ing if she was wrong to ac­cuse baby­daddy Travis Scott of do­ing the same thing to her re­cently. At the same time, she’s let­ting Travis know: if it does hap­pen, I’m out of here – and I’m tak­ing our baby with me!

“Kylie’s scared she’s gone too far now,” re­veals a source. “She won’t tell any­one what this sup­posed ev­i­dence of [Travis] cheat­ing was... but the fact is, she’s al­ways been ob­sessed with the idea that he would break her heart, purely for the fact that he’s a rap­per and that’s what they do.”

The thought has been go­ing round and round in Kylie’s head given the whole sor­did sit­u­a­tion with her sis­ter Khloe, Tris­tan Thomp­son and Kylie’s best friend Jor­dyn Woods. Hav­ing watched the drama un­fold at close range, it’s no sur­prise that she’s seized on any lit­tle clue that she might be be­ing be­trayed – prompt­ing Travis’s re­cent can­cel­la­tion of a con­cert and dash across the coun­try to try to clear the air.

“Kylie is su­per close to Khloe and this whole sit­u­a­tion has rocked her to her core,” says the in­sider. “It doesn’t help that she’s been caught in the mid­dle of the whole thing be­cause Jor­dyn is her best friend, and now she doesn’t know who to trust.”

Yep, with the is­sue of trust at heart of the mat­ter, if Kylie trusted Travis im­plic­itly, this wouldn’t be a prob­lem in the first place. “Kylie has seen Khloe and Kourt­ney get burned be­fore, and her big­gest fear is that it will hap­pen to her,” adds the spy. “She wants to know where Travis is at all times – es­pe­cially when he’s on tour. It’s not un­usual for her to text a mem­ber of his en­tourage to make sure Travis re­ally is where he says he is, and she wouldn’t hes­i­tate to go through his phone given the op­por­tu­nity.

“She even tried to go on the road with him... but it was de­cided it was im­pos­si­ble with Stormi be­ing so small,” con­tin­ues the source. “So in­stead she’s been ty­ing her­self in knots, search­ing for any shred of ev­i­dence of [Travis] do­ing the dirty on her.”

Stormi could also be at the cen­tre of the, erm, storm in an­other way if Kylie de­cides Travis has been un­faith­ful – be­cause the baby is be­ing used as a bar­gain­ing chip when it comes to keep­ing the peace be­tween her par­ents.

“[Kylie has] made it clear that she would take Stormi and leave if she found out he’d cheated on her,” shares the in­for­mant. “But from Travis’s per­spec­tive, he doesn’t even know where this is com­ing from.”

The sit­u­a­tion is a per­ilous one, both for Travis and for Kylie’s state of mind. So is there any chance the pair can get things back on an even keel and save the re­la­tion­ship, or is it only down­hill from here?

“At this point it’s start­ing to dawn on Kylie that she may have taken this ob­ses­sion too far,” says the spy. “She freaks out ev­ery time Travis leaves on tour and he has to deal with th­ese ac­cu­sa­tions the sec­ond he gets back. It’s tak­ing its toll on both of them, and there’s only so much they can put up with. This sit­u­a­tion has put their re­la­tion­ship in a dan­ger­ous place and a lot of peo­ple are wor­ried it’s never go­ing to re­cover... ” n


... and see­ing him in the com­pany of mod­els won’t put her mind at rest

Travis’s par­ty­ing while on tour is said to have wor­ried Kylie...

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