SCOTTY T ... tak­ing a pee!

A tipsy lil’ Scotty made a gross de­posit while mak­ing a with­drawal rawal

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You’re an in­no­cent lit­tle ATM, hap­pily dis­pens­ing notes to the world – un­til a Ge­ordie Shore star comes along and uses you as a toi­let. What?!

Scotty T needs an ini­tial change to Scotty P-ee, be­cause that’s what he thought it was a good idea to do while get­ting money on a drunken night out. Yes, he whipped out more than his bankcard and flashed more than his cash.

We can’t even, so let’s just say that he’s no longer num­ber one in our books. And thank good­ness he’s not num­ber two. Heard of the black­list, Scotty? Well, urine our yel­low list now, you mucky pup. n

‘I’m a real ity show wizz ’

‘ Don’ t blam I eme was – pisse d’ ‘I’ve had a pidd acci le dent ’

Noth­ing stops Scotty when he’s in full flow

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