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New town, new se­crets, new mur­der! And the cast of Pretty Lit­tle Liars spin-off, The Per­fec­tion­ists, say it’s darker and edgier than the orig­i­nal. Sasha Pieterse is back as Al­i­son Di­lau­ren­tis, who’s ditched Rose­wood for the pic­ture-per­fect col­lege town of Bea­con Heights, where ev­ery­thing isn’t as glossy as it seems. Now a univer­sity lec­turer, Al­i­son is thrown into the pres­sure cooker world of a string of “per­fec­tion­ist” stu­dents – and one is set to ex­plode. Here, Sasha slips us some se­crets about the brand new series...

It’s been nearly two years since PLL ended, so fans have been hang­ing out

for this. What can we ex­pect? I think ev­ery­one’s go­ing to re­ally love this new ver­sion of Al­i­son. I think the great­est part [of it] is she’s strong and fierce and start­ing this new life in a new town. She’s bring­ing a lot of bag­gage with her, which I know the fans are go­ing to ap­pre­ci­ate. She’s still Al­i­son, but she faces a lot of new is­sues, and th­ese new char­ac­ters bring a lot of new trou­ble for her. I think it’s a stronger ver­sion of Al­i­son, it’s a darker ver­sion of Al­i­son, it’s an older ver­sion of Al­i­son, and this sto­ry­line is so in­trigu­ing – ac­tu­ally be­yond what I could have thought of, so I’m re­ally happy for the fans to see it. I think they’re go­ing to be proud.

And she’s all grown up? I re­ally loved see­ing Al­i­son’s char­ac­ter grow, and part of it is also that you can’t make me a teenager any­more. You can’t do it! I feel like we played teenagers so much that it was re­ally nice to be this adult fig­ure. It was like flip­ping the ta­bles. It was such an in­ter­est­ing per­spec­tive and way of ex­plor­ing Al­i­son’s adult side, and how she’s dealt with this space that you haven’t seen yet – and there’s so much room for her to grow. You meet th­ese won­der­ful, well-rounded char­ac­ters, and I think the fans will def­i­nitely fall in love with th­ese new peo­ple. Mona Van­der­waal (played by Janel Par­rish) is also back. She and Al­i­son weren’t ex­actly besties in PLL, so how

does that work? They kind of be­come al­lies in a way. It’s a very in­ter­est­ing dy­namic be­cause Al­i­son’s ob­vi­ously not sure if she can trust Mona. I mean, can you ever trust Mona? I don’t know. But the way she ends up be­ing in this new town is very mys­te­ri­ous and also hi­lar­i­ous... and I think the fans will ap­pre­ci­ate the mys­tery there. Pre­mieres 8.30pm Thurs­day March 21 on FOX8

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