Hai­ley’s des­per­ate bid TO SAVE BIEBS!

She wants to help her floun­der­ing hubby – but she has prob­lems of her own...

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Justin Bieber grew up in the full un­for­giv­ing glare of the spot­light, but lately he seems to be in more trou­ble than ever – and his de­voted wife Hai­ley is strug­gling to sup­port him! “She’s made it her ab­so­lute mis­sion to turn his mood around, but it’s an up­hill bat­tle be­cause he’s push­ing ev­ery­one away,” sighs an in­sider. “Justin’s mood goes up and down like the flick of a switch, and ev­ery­one’s walk­ing on eggshells.

“He in­sists that he’s work­ing on him­self, but things seem to just keep get­ting worse,” adds the spy. “Espe­cially now that he’s openly ad­mit­ting how much he’s strug­gling on so­cial me­dia, and then hardly talk­ing about it to Hai­ley.”

Yes, just re­cently the singer took to In­sta­gram with a sadly re­flec­tive post. On March 10, he wrote, “Been strug­gling a lot. Just feel­ing su­per dis­con­nected and weird. I al­ways bounce back so I’m not wor­ried, just wanted to reach out and ask for your [sic] guys to pray for me.”

This is a new level of open­ness from the Biebs – and he’s been matched by Hai­ley with her own is­sues. As re­cently as Jan­uary, she posted her own plain­tive mes­sage on­line, writ­ing, “I’m 22 years old, and the truth is no mat­ter how amaz­ing life may look from the out­side I strug­gle... Ev­ery sin­gle day is a con­fi­dence bat­tle for me.”

That’s two cries for help in the space of a few months. Of course, it doesn’t help that Hai­ley’s fo­cus is on her hus­band rather than her­self.

“Justin is far more emo­tional than she is, and that’s meant that she’s had to put a lot of her feel­ings and con­cerns aside to fo­cus on him and help him work through his is­sues,” sighs the source. “That doesn’t ex­actly make for a healthy re­la­tion­ship, and even though Justin in­sists he couldn’t be hap­pier with Hai­ley, he’s in a weird place.”

Which means that, as much as Justin wants Hai­ley’s sup­port, he’s also say­ing he needs his space.

“Even though they were friends for a long time and she knows he has his demons, this has [gone to] a whole new ex­treme – and Hai­ley isn’t find­ing it easy,” reck­ons the in­sider. “This is not the ro­man­tic new­ly­wed life she ex­pected [and] Hai­ley can’t be happy about the fact that she’s spend­ing so much time by her­self.”

Luck­ily, Hails has an ally in Justin’s mum Pat­tie, who’s re­cently come back into his life fol­low­ing a pe­riod of es­trange­ment.

“Hai­ley’s hav­ing to be care­ful be­cause Justin hates the idea of peo­ple gang­ing up on him – and his re­la­tion­ship with his mum is su­per del­i­cate even now,” shares the spy. “But without Pat­tie as a sound­ing board, Hai­ley would find it im­pos­si­ble.”

The sad truth is that, even with Pat­tie’s sup­port, Justin and Hai­ley’s young re­la­tion­ship is buck­ling un­der the weight of their is­sues. Will they break?

“They are com­mit­ted,” states the in­sider. “But it seems like Hai­ley is in over her head...”

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