The The­re­al­ity re­al­ity star is ready for new gigs as an au­thor – and as a sin­gle mum!

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Megan Marx is rein­vent­ing her­self. Not only has the Bach­e­lor In Par­adise star ditched re­al­ity TV to be­come an au­thor (yep!), but she’s pack­ing up and mov­ing to Syd­ney af­ter calling it quits – for good this time, she tells NW – with on-off boyfriend Jake El­lis. But that’s not the big­gest change in her world – the 30-yearold ad­mits she’s con­sid­er­ing be­com­ing a sin­gle mum!

“You re­alise that you can do it by your­self if you want to,” she re­veals. Here, she spills on be­ing broody, her heart­break­ing split and and­her her new­book new book Episode Eight – a thrilling look at the cut­throat world of re­al­ity TV...

Con­grats on your book! Are you giv­ing away some re­al­ity TV se­crets?

It’s a be­hind-the-scenes glimpse. Of course we know that things are edited dif­fer­ently to how they hap­pened at times, and they make it look more dra­matic than it ac­tu­ally is. Even for me – I’ve been on re­al­ity TV, but I still go [shocked] “Why did they do that?”

We’re sorry to hear about your split with Jake – was he not ready to set­tle down?

He’s like me, he’s 32 and he’s want­ing to set­tle down too. There wasn’t any sort of junc­tion where our life­styles turned out to be dif­fer­ent – it was just more that we weren’t right for each other.

Are you see­ing any­one new?

[Laughs] No. My hy­men’s go­ing to

close over and get all hairy, and I’m go­ing to be lay­ing on the couch eat­ing burg­ers – no-one’s go­ing to want to take me on [laughs]. I just want to fo­cus on my own stuff and maybe do a bit more travel and get a place. I’m writ­ing a sec­ond book, which has been re­ally fun for me.

What are you look­ing for in a part­ner?

I keep get­ting these com­ments on In­sta: “Megan doesn’t know what she wants. She likes women, she likes men. She can’t stay in a re­la­tion­ship.” Blah blah blah. I shouldn’t read them! Why do I do it to myself?! It’s not that I’m not ready for some­thing, it’s just that I’m at an age where if I am in a re­la­tion­ship, I want to know that I’m go­ing to be with them un­til I’m 80. If it’s not right, I’m not go­ing to waste my time.

Hit­ting your thir­ties, do you want chil­dren soon?

Yep. I re­ally do. If you’d asked me that three or four years ago, I would have been like, “Mmm, I don’t know.” I do re­alise I am 30. And peo­ple are like, “Oh, you’ve got plenty of time, babe.” But you can’t help what your body de­cides to do, I guess. I would ab­so­lutely love to have kids.

Would you go it alone if you don’t meet some­one soon? Is that some­thing you’d con­sider?

Yep, hon­estly I would. In five years’ time, if I haven’t met the right per­son, then I’ll just have kids on my own. I think a lot of peo­ple would, and you re­alise that you can do it by your­self if you want to. I think I’d be an alright mum.

Do you have many strangers slid­ing into your DMS ask­ing for dates?

So much! As soon as peo­ple find out you’re sin­gle... I have a lot of girls mes­sag­ing me and want­ing to take me on dates, ac­tu­ally, which is nice.

So you’re still open to dat­ing women?

Yeah, I like women as much as I like men. Who knows what the next re­la­tion­ship will be?

Would you put your hand up to be the first bi­sex­ual Bach­e­lorette?

I re­ally think I’m done with re­al­ity TV. I would love to watch a bi­sex­ual Bach­e­lorette, but I don’t think I’d be the right per­son for it at all – I’d just be kiss­ing every­one! Kiss­ing all the girls, kiss­ing all the guys [laughs].

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