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Af­ter touch­ing down in Oz, Van­der­pump Rules star Scheana Marie wasted no time in get­ting her sneak­ers on and hit­ting Syd­ney’s fa­mous Bondi to Bronte walk. “See­ing the beach was amaz­ing,” the re­al­ity star tells NW, as she sits down to chat Van­der­pump, baby plans and her next move. Hint: she wants to be a Kar­dashi-pal, the next Aus­tralian Bach­e­lorette and a Real Housewife!

Van­der­pump Which of your co-stars would you be happy to see leave? No-one! The show wouldn’t be the same with­out any one of us. I think every­one brings some­thing dif­fer­ent to the show. You re­cently shared with fans that you’ve frozen your eggs – are you feel­ing the pres­sure of your bi­o­log­i­cal

clock tick­ing? No! Not. At. All – that’s why I froze my eggs, be­cause I do not want kids any time soon. If ever! As of now, I have no in­ter­est in be­ing a sin­gle mum and I also am nowhere close to be­ing in a re­la­tion­ship, so if things change then I’m ab­so­lutely open to it. It’s more of a back-up plan, an in­sur­ance pol­icy be­cause I don’t see that hap­pen­ing any time soon. My clock is paused – it’s not tick­ing! Will you be go­ing to your co-star Lala Kent’s up­com­ing wed­ding? I cer­tainly hope so! [Laughs] It looks like you’ve been hav­ing a lot of fun on the dat­ing scene – are you see­ing any­one at the mo­ment? Not ex­clu­sively dat­ing any­one. Who’s your celebrity crush? When Straight Outta Comp­ton came out, def­i­nitely O’shea Jack­son Jr. And for a girl, Kim Kar­dashian for sure. Has your di­vorce turned you off mar­riage? A lit­tle bit. I would never say never. I’m not against get­ting mar­ried again, it just would ab­so­lutely need to be the right per­son. Yeah, I’m not against it, but I’m not plan­ning on it. The Would you ever look for love on Bach­e­lor?

I want to be the Bach­e­lorette! I would never go on The Bach­e­lor, but I am putting this out there – maybe

I could be the Aus­tralian Bach­e­lorette? I love Aussie boys – that ac­cent! That would be fun. If you could ap­pear on any other re­al­ity show, what would it be? I would love to be friends with the Kar­dashi­ans, like in real life. That would prob­a­bly be the show I would be on, other than The

Bach­e­lorette. I think one day, I mean I’m not a Housewife, but one day I would like to grad­u­ate to be­ing a Real Housewife. And I guess the only real re­quire­ment of that is you had to be mar­ried be­fore, so tech­ni­cally I could be. Speak­ing of Housewives, do you think this will be your boss Lisa Van­der­pump’s last sea­son on The Real Housewives Of Bev­erly Hills? I kind of feel like yes. I have zero in­sider in­for­ma­tion, she hasn’t told me any­thing. I just feel like she has maybe out­grown grown the show. She’s do­ing so much on her own, with her own busi­nesses – she doesn’t re­ally need the show any­more. ymore. She has our show (which is bet­ter!) er!) and a new ros­ter on in Las Ve­gas. She e has [her restau­rant] Tom Tom – they’re ’re ex­pand­ing that. Es­pe­cially with new cast­mem­bers [on RHOBH], it’s go­ing oing a lit­tle younger now, I just think maybe she doesn’t fit in as well as she did in the be­gin­ning. And if she he were to leave, the show wouldn’t t be the same but she would be just fine. You were hang­ing out with RHOBH’S Teddi Mel­len­camp the other day, was she giv­ing youou some tips on how to get your­selflf on the show? I would ab­so­lutely be on The Real Housewives. I think that at would be so much fun. I was talk­ing ng to Teddi about that. She’s a friend of mine, so that would be fun. What’s your fave Real Housewives ves fran­chise? Bev­erly Hills – for sure. re. And what are you cur­rently binge­ing? nge­ing?

I re­cently binged You on Net­flix. Th That t was so good. And I just started The Sin­ner. The R. Kelly thing [ Sur­viv­ing R. Kelly], I binged – that was crazy! But You was def­i­nitely my favourite binge re­cently. New episodes stream Tues­days on hayu

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