MAFS’S Dan & Jess: fak­ing it for fame?

The con­tro­ver­sial con­tes­tant has fans wor­ried about her! UL­TI­MATE MAFS FI­NALE PARTY GUIDE!U

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Her last name might be ba­sic, but Ines Ba­sic was any­thing but when she ar­rived at a court ap­pear­ance on March 26. The 29-year-old was giv­ing off ma­jor An­gelina Jolie vibes as she ar­rived look­ing glam in all black. Soooo ex­tra!

But her “Hol­ly­wood-style” ar­rival at court – com­plete with body­guard and limou­sine – quickly sparked de­bate on so­cial me­dia, with many won­der­ing if the re­al­ity con­tes­tant is out of touch with, er, re­al­ity. “This girl has lost the plot,” blasted a MAFS fan. “Who does she think she is?”

Other com­ments took another turn, with some won­der­ing if the le­gal as­sis­tant is strug­gling with her men­tal health. “Ines seems to have some se­ri­ous is­sues,” al­leged one. “We’re go­ing to hear about her fall­ing to pieces at some stage.”

The com­ments came af­ter Ines was sen­tenced to 70 hours’ com­mu­nity ser­vice for drink driv­ing, af­ter ram­ming into her sis­ter Ena’s parked car on Christ­mas Day last year be­cause her sis­ter had “ridiculed” her for ap­pear­ing on re­al­ity TV. “I would never drink and drive, but the b***h pissed me off!” Ines shared.

While Mag­is­trate Deb­o­rah Vasta told Ines dur­ing her sen­tenc­ing to “get some per­spec­tive on life” and branded her an “ab­so­lute brat”, there are oth­ers who are more sym­pa­thetic to the fact that ap­pear­ing on re­al­ity TV can be dam­ag­ing to men­tal health.

“The trou­ble with re­al­ity TV is that it is not re­al­ity,” Clin­i­cal Psy­chol­o­gist Dr Janet Hall tells NW. “It is pos­si­ble that a con­tes­tant may have an el­e­vated sense of im­por­tance and be­lieve their own ego en­hance­ment be­cause of their mo­men­tary fame. This might act as a drug, cre­at­ing an obsessive de­sire for more fame.

“Some folks with sen­si­tive ner­vous sys­tems might be­come men­tally ‘un­hinged’ by this ‘fame opi­ate,’” Dr Hall con­tin­ues. “It is pos­si­ble that last­ing men­tal health prob­lems might be cre­ated in the fu­ture.” Yikes! Please take care of your­self, Ines...


Hmmm, seems Sam Ball might need a les­son in cun­nilin­gus! The MAFS groom’s for­mer fling Ines hit out af­ter he claimed their dal­liance was “fake” and they never ac­tu­ally slept to­gether. “Yeah, pro­duc­ers made you eat my p***y for four hours, hun,” Ines slammed. Umm, ei­ther Sam’s a su­per gen­er­ous guy or his tech­nique just wasn’t do­ing it for poor Ines! Sam has de­nied the X-rated claims, jok­ing that he’s sim­ply not cut out for the marathon sesh. “I would run out of breath or more likely get hun­gry, tired or bored,” he said, claim­ing Ines was sim­ply “cut” be­cause he didn’t sleep with her. Ouch!

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