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It may have been a long time be­tween sea­sons of The Real Housewives Of Mel­bourne but while the show’s been on hia­tus, star Jackie Gil­lies has been busy. Af­ter ap­pear­ing on I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! in 2018, the celebrity psy­chic medium put pen to pa­per and wrote her first book Shine It Up, which she’s hop­ing will help fans learn “how you con­nect with spir­its”. “I al­ways say, ‘If you can in­spire one per­son in your life, then you’re do­ing your job,’” says the 38-year-old star. Now, Jackie dishes to NW about her ex­traor­di­nary psy­chic gift, her plans for her own show and why hubby, Sil­ver­chair rocker Ben Gil­lies, is banned from her medium read­ings!

Hi, Jackie! So how did this book come about?

I al­ways had it on my vi­sion board that I was go­ing to write a book and af­ter com­ing off I’m a Celeb, two pub­lish­ing com­pa­nies hit me up about writ­ing a story.

What are you shar­ing with fans in Shine It Up?

This book talks about the re­la­tion­ship I was in and how I lost my­self and used all my en­ergy to put my­self into a re­la­tion­ship that just wasn’t work­ing. And when it ended it was al­most like I didn’t want to live. That was my low­est point. So I talk about how I was able to shine through that.

OK, now to what ev­ery­one wants to know – when is com­ing back?

The Real Housewives Of Mel­bourne Is there a Sea­son Five? I’m sure there will be. Will I go back? It will de­pend on what I have go­ing on. I know it’s very pop­u­lar and I do re­ally think it will come back. I said to the big pro­duc­ers that I be­lieve this show will have seven sea­sons.

The show screened in the US and did quite well... would you ever jump ship to The Real Housewives Of Bev­erly

Hills? I’m ac­tu­ally friends with Lisa Rinna! She’s a re­ally funny chick. But I want to do my own show where I do psy­chic medium read­ings. I feel like Aus­tralia needs that. I want peo­ple to see that you can con­nect with the spir­its and you can trust your own in­tu­ition and have the power if you know how to tap into that.

Does your hus­band Ben ever ask you to do a read­ing for him?

No, not any­more. Be­cause he doesn’t want me know­ing the things he’s go­ing to pur­chase. I have caught him out for buy­ing so much s**t for me. I ac­tu­ally lit­er­ally say, “I know you bought this bag,” and he goes, “This is b******t.” He’s try­ing to be a good hus­band.

How are things go­ing with you and Ben? Are you still as happy as ever?

OMG, ab­so­lutely! He’s my soul­mate.

Do you get sick of peo­ple ask­ing when you guys are go­ing to start a fam­ily?

I think that so many peo­ple have seen me and Ben on The Real Housewives Of Mel­bourne and they re­ally want to see me ex­pe­ri­ence moth­er­hood and I ap­pre­ci­ate that. I def­i­nitely want to ex­pe­ri­ence moth­er­hood but I put it out to the uni­verse. I have to leave it to the uni­verse to han­dle. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

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