In Oc­to­ber 2015, Ac­ci­dent Com­pen­sa­tion Cor­po­ra­tion (ACC) levies, which we all pay as a per­cent­age of our yearly ve­hi­cle reg­is­tra­tion fees, went un­der the knife fol­low­ing the im­ple­men­ta­tion of a ve­hi­cle risk-rat­ing sys­tem — on av­er­age, users ended up pay­ing around a third less. The rea­son for the ACC fee is to give you no-fault cover for road-re­lated ac­ci­dents, so it makes sense that the new ve­hi­cle risk-rat­ing sys­tem — a first in New Zealand — should rec­og­nize that some ve­hi­cles do a bet­ter job of pro­tect­ing their oc­cu­pants and other road users in the event of a crash, be­cause of added oc­cu­pant and pedes­trian safety fea­tures, by charg­ing th­ese cars a lower levy. All cars on New Zealand roads have now been cat­e­go­rized into one of four risk-rat­ing bands, al­lo­cated us­ing real-world crash data when­ever pos­si­ble. As you can imag­ine, it’s a mas­sive data­base, and, like any sys­tem, there is al­ways room for im­prove­ment. That’s why the call has been put out for pub­lic in­put on a few points. In 2015, mem­bers of the pub­lic were in­vited to have their say be­fore the risk-rat­ing sys­tem was formed; now, the ACC would like to know what you think about how the ve­hi­cles have been al­lo­cated into the bands. It also wants your feed­back on cap­ping move­ment across the riskrat­ing bands, so that ve­hi­cles don’t jump across too many bands each levy year. You can view the pro­posed levy rates for 2016–’17 at shapey­, as well as pro­vide feed­back re­lat­ing to the risk-rat­ing bands. This is a chance to have a say in de­ci­sions that af­fect all of us road users, so have a look.

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