run­ning a 2½-inch twin ex­haust sys­tem dump­ing in front of the diff. I had head­ers from a Mus­tang for it but they didn’t fit, so I am still on the hunt for an­other set. The drivetrain from the ra­di­a­tor to the drive­shaft is ba­si­cally new, even down to the heater core, and that makes it re­li­able. I am con­tin­u­ally chang­ing things — for ex­am­ple, the hood lin­ing and the steer­ing wheel — as I get the ideas and the money al­lows. I’m work­ing on drop­ping the sus­pen­sion a few inches, but, with the twin I-beams, I don’t have much choice other than to go for a new front end. I am look­ing at the brakes and I’m think­ing of go­ing for a 3.0:1-ra­tio LSD at some point in the fu­ture.

That sounds like a nice and re­li­able com­bi­na­tion.

Yeah, I’ll drive it any­where. When I did the en­gine con­ver­sion, I pulled the old gear out on a Fri­day and had the new stuff in by the fol­low­ing Fri­day — I only needed to use my daugh­ter’s car to get around for a week.

How do you find the F100 to drive?

It’s good, re­ally good. There are no squeaks or rat­tles when I’m driv­ing. The last owner, Cam, put new car­pet in it and had the seat re­uphol­stered — the Mex­i­can blan­kets are re­ally just for the look. I’ve re­placed all the door and win­dow rub­bers and fit­ted a new heater, since the mis­sus hates it when it’s cold. I have a sub and 6x9s be­hind the seat but I haven’t hooked up a head unit or front speak­ers yet, as I haven’t de­cided how to mount it all, or whether I should have it hid­den be­hind the dash — a new stereo in the dash would ruin the look.

So, no wor­ries driv­ing the truck long dis­tance, then?

Nah, not at all. I’ve got a bach up in Whangarei and I live down in Tau­marunui, and the truck makes the trip no prob­lem. I’ve also used it to help my brother-in-law shift from Tau­marunui to Welling­ton. Be­ing a truck helps for ev­ery­thing — I go bik­ing with the boys and can just load the tray up or just hook the boat up and drive.

It must also be fairly re­lax­ing hav­ing a ve­hi­cle you don’t have to be too pre­cious about?

Yeah, I’ll park it wher­ever. How­ever, it’s ac­tu­ally in re­ally sound con­di­tion. There’s nearly no rust to worry about. The matte black helps — I scuffed the rear re­cently, and sprayed over it with stove paint!

The joys of matte black! Thanks for tak­ing the time to show us your truck, Nic.

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