What do you do when you have a wild top doorslam­mer, a blown big block hot rod — run­ning the old TD en­gine — parked next to it, and a spare blown big block built up ready for ei­ther? Well, if you are Bob Owens, you build an­other car to put it in! Bob’s XM coupe is prob­a­bly New Zealand’s fastest all-steel car, run­ning 7.30s at 190mph. Hav­ing a sim­i­larly spec’d en­gine just sit­ting there, Bob won­dered how fast he could go with­out all the weight. Over the win­ter, he has been work­ing hard to put this lit­tle T-bucket to­gether, us­ing a lot of the spare parts he has had kick­ing around the place. Bob’s home-built tube chas­sis houses the re­built 427 — com­plete with a fresh Te­flon-tipped 8-71 su­per­charger and the spare injection from the old mo­tor — to which he has fit­ted the race-spec Pow­er­glide from the coupe and a nine-inch rear. Bob reck­ons the fresh blower on the lit­tle 427, with a bit of over­drive, should give 30psi boost that — with a 500kg sav­ing in weight over the Fal­con — should make it pretty ex­cit­ing to drive. His ’34 started out in a sim­i­lar way — as a street car on steroids — and Bob’s aim with the T is to have some­thing that looks like it could be streetable, has plenty of power to give him a scare, and, most of all, en­ables him just to get out there and have some fun!

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