Craig To­ma­lin has been build­ing a ’70 Chal­lenger. It is near­ing com­ple­tion and is hav­ing its uphol­stery taken care of at the mo­ment. As Craig says, though, “You gotta have two builds go­ing on, so that when one stalls, you can go on to the next one.” His other build is def­i­nitely one that’s been keep­ing him busy — a ’48 Ford cab-over that is be­ing built un­like any we’ve seen lo­cally. Craig has fabri­cated a com­plete chas­sis of his own de­sign, and has made loads of progress, with just a bit more thought to put into the front-end de­sign be­fore any weld­ing is done there. The rear is fin­ished, though, with a straight­for­ward par­al­lel four-bar sus­pen­sion set-up. As low as the Ford looks at the mo­ment, Craig isn’t plan­ning on run­ning airbag sus­pen­sion, aim­ing to build the chas­sis to be driv­able at that height and get the ve­hi­cle street le­gal. The cer­ti­fier has had an ini­tial look at it, and ev­ery­thing looks OK so far, but Craig is well aware that en­sur­ing it’s all done by the book will be an in­ten­sive process. A friend do­nated the Speed­way En­gi­neer­ing Quick Change diff to the project, as it was just ly­ing around, and Craig has adapted Toy­ota Land Cruiser full-floater hubs to work with the axle tubes. Even with the du­ally rear end and those mas­sive Al­coa al­loys, the big truck should have no prob­lem fry­ing the tyres, with plans for a twin-turbo 460ci big block Ford run­ning a blow-through EFI throt­tle body. “We looked at tur­bos, just be­cause of how much we’d spend on al­loy heads and parts for a tough nat­u­rally as­pi­rated mo­tor,” Craig ex­plains, “and, with the shape of the bon­net on the truck, it should work quite well with pack­ag­ing the tur­bos.” The C6 auto will be re­built to suit, once they know how much power the big block will be pump­ing out. Con­sid­er­ing that Craig’s just over a year into the build, and he’s done all the work him­self to date, he has made some awe­some progress. How­ever, the panel work — of which Craig says a lot is needed — will be out­sourced. Craig has a few ideas about how he’d like the cab-over to look when fin­ished, in­clud­ing thoughts of ei­ther a poly­car­bon­ate tray or none at all to show­case the en­gi­neer­ing. We’re sure you’ll be see­ing a lot more of this ’48.

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