01 First, turn off the ig­ni­tion and dis­con­nect the neg­a­tive bat­tery ca­ble — as we’ll be dis­con­nect­ing the IAT sen­sor, you can’t be too safe. You may first need to check whether dis­con­nect­ing the neg­a­tive bat­tery ca­ble will af­fect any en­gine con­trol unit (ECU) mem­ory set­tings. Once that’s done, dis­con­nect the IAT sen­sor.

02 Re­move the plas­tic en­gine cover on the air-fil­ter side of the en­gine, and dis­con­nect the crankcase breather hose from the valve cover.

03 Loosen the hose clamp se­cur­ing the fac­tory in­take tube to the throt­tle body, lift the air-box as­sem­bly to dis­lodge it from the mount­ing grom­mets, and re­move the com­plete as­sem­bly from the ve­hi­cle. Then re­move the in­let air-di­verter tray.

04 Re­move the re­tain­ing clip that secures the wind­shield-washer bot­tle to the core sup­port, but do not dis­card it — it will be needed later. Re­move the core sup­port bolt, and then in­stall the pro­vided heat-shield mount­ing bracket and se­cure it with the bolt from the pre­vi­ous step.

05 Re­in­stall the wind­shield-washer bot­tle us­ing the re­tain­ing clip that you didn’t dis­card.

06 In­stall the fil­ter adapter into the heat shield and se­cure with the pro­vided hard­ware, and then in­stall the rub­ber edg­ing onto the heat shield — you will need to trim the rub­ber for a per­fect fit.

Re­move one of the fac­tory mount­ing 07 grom­mets from the stan­dard air-box, and in­stall it in the base of the K&N heat shield.

08 In­stall the heat-shield as­sem­bly into the ve­hi­cle so that the mount­ing grom­met slides onto the in­ner­most mount­ing stud. Align the heat shield with the mount­ing bracket, and then se­cure with the spacer and hard­ware pro­vided, en­sur­ing that the spacer is used be­tween the mount­ing bracket and heat shield.

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