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Hi Todd,

Big fan of NZV8 — bought the lat­est copy [Is­sue No. 162] tonight, and bug­ger me, there’s an ar­ti­cle on the Hen­nessey Mus­tang! I’m stoked to tell you that I bought one of the two that are be­ing sold in New Zealand. I’ve cho­sen a man­ual six-speed, and the other is a 10-speed au­to­matic. The de­liv­ery date is yet to be con­firmed, mid Novem­ber­ish. I’ve got sev­eral other cars, in­clud­ing a 1966 K-Code GT Fast­back, 289 and fac­tory four-speed car — funny enough, it’s also fac­tory red with add-on white stripes. I have other fast cars yet I’ll take the Mus­tang be­fore any­thing else on a sunny day. I went for a blood test re­cently, turns out I’m run­ning on 98 oc­tane. Doc­tor reck­ons I’ve got this car bug the worst he has seen, reck­ons it’s ter­mi­nal — told me to go home, sit in the garage with the lat­est NZV8! Reck­ons there’s noth­ing else he can do for me.

Andy Sounds like you’ve got it bad … in the best type of way, and the Hen­nessey will be the per­fect ad­di­tion to your col­lec­tion. Hav­ing driven the stock 2018 Mus­tang GT and the RTR Spec 3, we have no doubt that the Hen­nessey will be im­pres­sive! Cheers,

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