Be­fore ad­just­ing any­thing, Steve ex­per­i­mented with the cal­cu­la­tor, chang­ing sev­eral val­ues to get an idea of how dif­fer­ent al­ter­ations would af­fect the fi­nal out­come. It’s worth not­ing that chang­ing one an­gle will af­fect the an­gles of both shafts, as they are con­nected.

By do­ing this, Steve dis­cov­ered that by in­sert­ing a higher pin­ion an­gle and low­er­ing the driveshaft cen­tre hanger, the fig­ures would be­come more ac­cept­able.

The process of ac­tu­ally work­ing through ad­just­ments on the car is a te­dious and time­con­sum­ing one, even with a rough idea of what needs to be done. Steve re­placed the hanger-bear­ing mount­ing shims with a pile of flat wash­ers to lower the cen­tre joint, while ad­just­ing the diff-pin­ion an­gle. Even­tu­ally, he ar­rived at the fig­ures at right, which yielded a sat­is­fac­tory out­come.

Know­ing that the driveshaft op­er­at­ing an­gle should be fine, Steve mea­sured the to­tal height of flat wash­ers added to the hanger-bear­ing mounts and had the shims ma­chined down to suit, safely keep­ing the cen­tre joint in its op­ti­mal po­si­tion.

This gave the fol­low­ing in­er­tia and tor­sional ef­fects:In­er­tia ef­fects (driv­ing mem­ber) De­grees: 1.27Rad/sec: 161.9In­er­tia ef­fects (driven mem­ber) De­grees: 0.15Rad/sec: 2.30Tor­sional ef­fects De­grees: 0.89 Rad/sec: 79.8All in the clear! The fi­nal test took place at Meremere Drag­way — the only place, other than a dyno, where Steve could safely test for a driveline vi­bra­tion at over 190kph. All cal­cu­la­tions, and their def­i­ni­tions, were sourced through spicer­ to Steve Gooch and En­deav­our Mo­tors for their help in mak­ing this ar­ti­cle hap­pen.

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