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Re­venge is a dish best served… hot! Work­ing out twice a day means Khloé needs plenty of fuel to keep her go­ing, so her nu­tri­tion­ist Dr Philip Goglia has de­vised an eat­ing plan con­sist­ing of seven meals a day. ‘When it comes to nu­tri­tion and weight loss, it’s 80 per cent in the kitchen and 20 per cent in the gym,’ he says, adding that clients have a unique meal breakdown based on their ‘metabolic body type’. He says Khloé has three sub­stan­tial meals a day, in­ter­spersed with four smaller meals. But while the new mum is on a re­venge body mis­sion, she’s not de­priv­ing her­self, ei­ther. ‘She has a pat­tern where she’ll do seven days on and then have one meal off,’ Philip tells. ‘Her choice of cheat would vary a great deal – maybe she’ll have a slice of cake as dessert or a pizza or pasta din­ner, ba­si­cally what­ever she has a crav­ing for.’

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