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Whilst I re­ha­bil­i­tate from her­nia surgery, is­sue 43 had me chuck­ling. Be­ing a life­time BMW fan, it was great read­ing the Jack For­rest ar­ti­cle and on see­ing Donny Wil­son on page 28 I re­counted my as­so­ci­a­tion with him to my wife. (She never lis­tens but it makes me feel good telling her). As a twenty-some­thing rebel in the mid ‘70s get­ting about on a DS7 Yam­mie 250 I ar­rived home one af­ter­noon to see my sis­ter’s boyfriend show­ing off his new R90S. Hon­estly, I was the same as my par­ents – speech­less. It be­came a must-have. Work­ing for a bank didn’t en­dow me with money (nor did it wish to lend me any ei­ther) but an­other sis­ter took pity on me though she could get a bet­ter re­turn for her hard saved cash.

Mum and dad must have used ev­ery ad­jec­tive in the world de­scrib­ing my de­sire. They thought I’d got the money from the bank; I wasn’t in the habit of telling my par­ents ev­ery­thing and I cer­tainly wasn’t start­ing now. Down to Tom Byrnes in the city and pur­chased a hardly used one from Sid Sey­mour. His bike de­liv­ery method never changed over the years – thank good­ness BM’s had good man­u­als. Any­way, Dad kept bag­ging BM’s as en­gi­neer­ing fail­ures – reck­ons when they built the bike they for­get the cylin­ders so just stuck them on any­where. Mum thank­fully, car­ing soul she was , said that `your fa­ther’ wouldn’t be able to main­tain it so how was I to look af­ter this ex­pen­sive beast? This is the em­bar­rass­ing bit, you see I men­tioned Tom Byrnes had this salu­bri­ous work­shop at Alexan­dria (wife’s snor­ing at this stage) and that I’d be tak­ing it there for ser­vic­ing etc. Well, blow me down, next thing I’m in the Valiant Re­gal (vinyl roof et al) telling Mum where 23 Eus­ton Rd Alexan­dria (right; from Out’n’About OBA 43) is. She tells me to stay in the car whilst she checks the place out. Af­ter half an hour or so I mus­tered up enough courage to kind of walk past (ca­su­ally like a pedes­trian) to see why she was tak­ing so long. There was no one near the front door/of­fice but I could hear laugh­ter com­ing from round the side of the lift. Gal­lantly charg­ing in I found mum jig­gling about in a lovely old side­car com­bi­na­tion with a num­ber a white-overalled gen­tle­man try­ing to give her a push. “Oh hullo dear”, she says. “Mr Wil­son was just show­ing me what they do here. Your dad used to have a side­car and we loved it. I think you’re in very good hands here”. I was there­after al­ways called `Mr Low’ and all the staff kept ask­ing me how my mum was! As a con­se­quence, I pur­chased five BMWs over a 30 year span, had ab­so­lutely no is­sues and these guys were a great part of my life. Sorry to go on a bit, I use ProCy­cles Hornsby for my bikes now (have three – try­ing to buy back the ones I en­joyed most). If any­one has a good R69S for sale I would be pleased to hear from them. Warwick Low North Rocks, NSW Em: glo­[email protected] Mo­bile: 0422 990 162

ABOVE Jack For­rest stead­ies the BMW R75 for Bob Press­ley while Don Wil­son re­fu­els in the 1970 Cas­trol 1000 (Six Hour) race.

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