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Thank you for the re­cent ar­ti­cle on the “Baby Beezas” (C10-C11s). While ad­mit­tedly these mo­tor­cy­cles tended to­wards the pro­saic (of­ten re­ferred to as “grey por­ridge”) they nonethe­less of­fered, and in­deed gave good value for money (39 pounds, 15 shillings, 1938) as your ar­ti­cle/own­ers, re-af­firm. Thirty years ago I bought a 1948 C10 with the idea of even­tu­ally restor­ing it. Over the years at var­i­ous swap meets and such I would look for C10 parts and en­quire of such from ven­dors. More of­ten than not my en­quiries were met with sighs of dis­may or dis­gust, with sto­ries of clapped out C10s be­ing rel­e­gated to hedgerows or even thrown down wells. Also, more of­ten than not, when I did stum­ble on a ven­dor who had C10 parts, they would give them to me for free as they were happy to be rid of them! When my youngest son, then aged 12, ex­pressed an in­ter­est in restor­ing a vin­tage mo­tor­cy­cle I gave him the C10 and this be­came his pride and joy as well as a plat­form for a les­son in eco­nom­ics. Be­ing 12, and some­what typ­i­cal for his age he was in­ter­ested in video games and such which re­sulted in a dis­cus­sion in the shed of which he should in­vest his earned pocket money on: video games which be­come passé’ and di­min­ish in value over time-or that needed part for his C10? In­vari­ably the C10 won out, and once up and run­ning it was amaz­ing how much at­ten­tion his “grey por­ridge” got from older rid­ers re­call­ing their youth on the Baby Beezas. In as much as I can ap­pre­ci­ate the ap­peal of a Gold Star and such, the re­al­ity is, that while most were lust­ing af­ter them when new, most were do­ing so while rid­ing a C10/11 to/from work to earn our crumbs, or if lucky, a Gold Star. My son, now 23 still has his C10 and its still a prized pos­ses­sion. Bryan Fowler Camp­bell­town, NSW

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