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The World’s Fastest Ve­lo­cette has gone even faster, record­ing 183.370 mph (295.112 km/h) at the 2014 Lake Gaird­ner Speed Tri­als.

Stu­art Hooper re­ports, “It was not all plain sail­ing this year as dyno time was cut short by a last minute main bear­ing fail­ure ne­ces­si­tat­ing a new scratch-built crankshaft. This lack of fi­nal tun­ing led to the first cou­ple of runs be­ing ham­pered by some mas­sive ni­tro back­fires al­most stop­ping the back wheel around 150 mph. Luck­ily the en­gine is built like a tank and some­how with­stood this bru­tal pun­ish­ment. Af­ter 3 days of work search­ing for the cor­rect set up and a salt sur­face that was very soft and rut­ted like a sandy mo­tocross track and an en­gine that was start­ing to show metal in the oil, a rear chain that was threat­en­ing to self de­struct from the sledge­ham­mer blows of the big su­per­charged sin­gle fir­ing once ev­ery wheel revo­lu­tion, the or­gan­is­ers opened a new track which gave us our one and only chance for a record run. The gear­ing was raised and the su­per­charger drive al­tered, fuel changed back to straight methanol and with a last minute start line ig­ni­tion tim­ing al­ter­ation and fin­gers crossed we were off. “With very lit­tle warm up the al­most 100mph first gear launched us down the track with a light hand on the throt­tle be­cause on an ear­lier run, al­most un­con­trol­lable wheel­spin had started a tank slap­per and al­most ended the weeks fun... I short shifted into sec­ond and again into third at less than 150mph and did not use full throt­tle un­til well tucked in be­hind the screen and the bike started to dodge and weave across the ruts caused by some of the Hyabusas and big cars that had run be­fore me. The revs started to creep up past 6,500 as the en­gine temps ap­proached melt­ing point and the Velo started to waltz a lit­tle on the soft sur­face as the fi­nal mile marker flashed by and I reluc­tantly closed the throt­tle on an­other year on the glo­ri­ous white ex­panse of the Aus­tralian salt flats. The ques­tion now is... Just how fast can a Velo go ?”

RIGHT New rear chain lasted just one run.

Hard to read these at 183 mph!

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