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About two years ago my good, but crazy, man was conned into jump­ing on a clas­sic bike to have a run around the race track. Pre­sum­ably some­one thought he might re­call how to go fast like he used to in the six­ties and sev­en­ties. He has trou­ble re­call­ing what day it is but it ap­pears he’s re­called some­thing be­cause now he’s hooked on the rac­ing and I blame you and “Old Bike” for en­flam­ing his pas­sion. On the other hand, he is ac­tu­ally mov­ing again so it’s not all bad. Per­haps the mis­fits who put him on the bike were look­ing for a new patsy, well, ac­tu­ally, two pat­sies be­cause I’ve re­turned to pit du­ties which isn’t work­ing very well. I have trou­ble find­ing my bi­fo­cals let alone a span­ner!

In the good old days it was all about car­bu­ret­tors, pis­tons and a good set of pipes. Is it all about fuel now? Are some bikes run­ning on metham­phetamines? I thought we were all sup­posed to be us­ing the same fuel. Does any­one check what we’re us­ing? What are the rules? How come some bikes just jump ahead of my good man when the en­gines are the same? Even with his arthri­tis he’s not too shabby on the cor­ners but he’s blown into the weeds on speed. How do they get that per­for­mance? I’ve held up “go faster” on his pit board to no ef­fect. Your ad­vice about the fuel (not the pit board) would be ap­pre­ci­ated. Maybe Edgar Jes­sop would know. “Res­ur­rected Gofer” Mel­bourne, Vic. Good point. I thought it was just pollen mak­ing my eyes wa­ter at His­toric race meet­ings. As one-hit­won­der Thun­der­clap New­man sang, “Call out the in­sti­ga­tors, be­cause there’s some­thing in the air”. It’s about time com­mon sense was re­stored to cer­tain classes on the His­toric grids. Nitro is il­le­gal, al­ways has been, but just why th­ese old folk think it nec­es­sary to run such de­mon brews in or­der to win a small plas­tic tro­phy is be­yond me. Test­ing for nitro is in­cred­i­bly sim­ple and ef­fec­tive, but it is up to the or­gan­is­ers, and the gov­ern­ing body, to en­force it. That it should be even nec­es­sary to do so is the tragic part. – Ed.

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