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Thanks for the long-over­due ar­ti­cle on the mighty MZ; what I con­sider an over­looked clas­sic that was pro­duced un­der ar­du­ous con­di­tions in a part of the world that since the war had had to make do in or­der to pro­duce a series of mo­tor­cy­cles that cre­ated cu­rios­ity and a re­luc­tant ad­mi­ra­tion of the “iron pig”. Nice jobs have been done by both your con­trib­u­tors and I’m sorry I missed such an in­ter­est­ing event. Mick’s ES is ac­tu­ally a 250. It was not un­com­mon to ‘mis-badge’ them as they came out the fac­tory – I have one my­self, and as much as I ad­mire Mr. Cameron’s bike I can­not come at the LED lights on an MZ! It all goes with­out say­ing as I hap­pen to be that “fel­low in Vic­to­ria” who had the money one time to im­port a few which now fill a shed here in Cen­tral Vic. Ever seen a ES 250/1 from 1961 or a “Su­pere­las­tic side­car”? Dave Bar­cham Bet­ley, Cen­tral Vic.

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