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Around 18 months ago we re­viewed the Aus­tralian de­signed and made so­lar charger mar­keted by Zochy’s Mag­ne­tos. Since then, we have had a unit it the garaged hitched up to four bikes, and the per­for­mance has been fault­less. Chris Zoch has now repacked and the de­vices into two mod­els, one with switch­able charg­ing be­tween six and twelve volts and the other fixed at 12 volts, with new graph­ics on the hardy alu­minium case. The con­trol unit has four in­de­pen­dent out­puts for trickle charg­ing of bat­ter­ies, pow­ered by a sin­gle so­lar panel. Each out­put can be se­lected to 6 or 12V and it is suit­able for both neg­a­tive and pos­i­tive earth bikes. The pack­age in­cludes a fused har­ness with non-re­versible plug for per­ma­nent fit­ting to the mo­tor­cy­cle. Bat­tery life is ex­tended by avoid­ing deep dis­charge. Be­cause the plug stays on the bike, it is quick and easy to con­nect: there are no al­li­ga­tor clips, no seats or side cov­ers to re­move and re­fit. Cars, boats and ride-on mow­ers can also be trickle-charged with this prod­uct. For a 12V/6V switch­able ver­sion RRP $240 (in­clud­ing so­lar panel, 4 bat­tery har­nesses and 4 x 4m ca­bles). For 12V only ver­sion RRP $230 (in­clud­ing so­lar panel, 4 bat­tery har­nesses and 4 x 4m ca­bles). Avail­able from Zochy’s Mag­ne­tos, phone 02 96744984 or mo­bile 0424011767. www.zochys-mag­ne­

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