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I too en­joyed the ar­ti­cle on the Suzuki GSX 1100 in is­sue 60 hav­ing pre­vi­ously owned one for quite a few years as well. I then no­ticed the let­ter from Greg Jeanes in is­sue 61 where he was re­count­ing his times on his GSX 1100. While read­ing Greg’s let­ter I was think­ing how sim­i­lar our bikes were, then at the end of it Greg won­ders where old QX-770 is now? That’s when I re­al­ized, the bikes aren’t sim­i­lar be­cause they are in fact the same bike! It seems I may have bought his bike off him. I can’t ex­actly tell him where it is to­day but can help him with its his­tory af­ter he sold it.

I pur­chased the bike in April 1991, off Greg I pre­sume, with 89,000 km on the clock. He also gave me the im­mac­u­late 19 litre tank, spare guard, a man­ual, a few spares and I think pos­si­bly a spare dam­aged 24 litre tank as well. I thor­oughly en­joyed my time on this bike which in­cluded quite a few trips down to Phillip Is­land for GPs or Su­per­bikes be­tween 92-03 ex­cept a cou­ple of years in the late ‘90s where I un­reg­is­tered her hav­ing pur­chased a Kawasaki ZXR750 (I’m still get­ting over the dis­com­fort of those trips). Mates with newer bikes use to get up­set on these trips when the old GSX would of­ten at­tract more at­ten­tion than their lat­est and great­est. It amazed me the amount of blokes that would come up and tell me their old war sto­ries of their times on their GSXs. She also did a cou­ple of AMCN ride days at East­ern Creek which the bike and I ab­so­lutely loved. I sold the ZXR750 and re-reg­is­tered the GSX in 2001 rid­ing her un­til 2003 when sadly she de­vel­oped a whine in the bot­tom end. I re­luc­tantly re­tired her at the end of 2003 and pur­chased a new Kawasaki ZRX 1200R, a bike not too dis­sim­i­lar to the old Suzuki. I sold the GSX in April 04 with 125,000 on the clock to a lady who was buy­ing it for her hus­band to re­store. In the time I owned her she vir­tu­ally looked the same as when Greg sold it to me, which was pretty orig­i­nal. I re­placed the rear shocks with Ko­nis and re­placed the rusted out stan­dard ex­haust with O’Brien then later Tran­zac 4-1s. I took a chance and also re­moved the crash bars, just for looks. Dur­ing its life I gave the top end a re-fresh (per­haps I should have done the bot­tom end as well). Un­til the whine started I had no in­ten­tion of sell­ing the big Suzuki, it had plenty of power, han­dled OK, it let you know if you were go­ing too quickly and was a great bike for my needs. I loved the style and the seat­ing po­si­tion of the bike which prob­a­bly ex­plains why I re­placed her with the ZRX 1200. I def­i­nitely agree with Greg about the com­fort­able seat, the Kwacka is good but the GSX was bet­ter. Like Greg I re­gret sell­ing her and not spend­ing the time and money in fix­ing her up. I still love the bikes from that era and as well as still hav­ing the ZRX, I have a Z1 work­ing to get her back on the road and also a GPZ 900R that I raced at PCRA. Hope­fully parts of our QX-770 are still out and about on the roads to­day. Steve McHugh Went­worthville, NSW

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