Scum­bag gets his Come­up­pance

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Be­fore re­tire­ment, I worked as a high school teacher. I also did the in­ter­school sport, which re­quired ac­com­pa­ny­ing the stu­dents, as they trav­elled on the bus to and from other schools, for com­pe­ti­tion. On one oc­ca­sion, we trav­elled to Kings­grove (NSW) High School. My stu­dents and I were await­ing our re­turn bus, near the pedes­trian cross­ing, with traf­fic lights but no in­ter­sec­tion, in Kings­grove Rd, right out­side the school. The lights turned red and many stu­dents crossed. Then, I be­held a very strange sight. As the lights re­mained red, a car with driver and front seat pas­sen­ger, came down the wrong side of the road, pass­ing all the other cars which had been ahead of it. At the pedes­trian cross­ing, still at red, the car also crossed, to the right side of the road, then sped away. I thought, blow you, I’m tak­ing down your de­tails and ring­ing Crimestop­pers. The next morn­ing, I rang the po­lice and gave them all the de­tails. The young fel­low an­swer­ing asked me if I was pre­pared to go to court and tes­tify against the driver. I hes­i­tated, and ex­pressed some re­luc­tance. The young fel­low said, “No prob­lem. How about we ring off, for now ? I’ll give them a call, and we’ll see what they say for them­selves.” About 15 min­utes later, the young fel­low rang back. He said, “I rang them and spoke to the lady of the house. I de­scribed the event to her, giv­ing all the de­tails, in­clud­ing; time of day, date, rego num­ber, make, model and colour of the car. She de­nied the lot. It was when I men­tioned that the car was driven by a male, with a fe­male pas­sen­ger, that she paused. Then, off in the dis­tance and in a shrill tone, I heard her call out…’Who’s this eff­ing b... that you’re run­ning around with, while I’m at work ?’ The young fel­low con­tin­ued. “I don’t think we

need to go to court. I think the driver will be get­ting more pun­ish­ment than a court is likely to dish out.” We all see some pretty poor be­hav­iour on the road. Some of it is re­ally dan­ger­ous. And I cer­tainly don’t con­done run­ning around on your wife, or sig­nif­i­cant other. How­ever, if some­one is play­ing away from home, don’t you think they’d avoid draw­ing at­ten­tion to them­selves, with an ob­vi­ous traf­fic vi­o­la­tion ? Happy and safe rid­ing. Phil Ward Hurstville, NSW

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