Look­ing down on Lowood

Old Bike Australasia - - LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Mal McKen­zie via email

Thanks for the article on the Lowood Race Cir­cuit and for­mer air­field at Mt Tarampa. As this is close to where we live I of­ten ride my Z300 along Daisy Drive which still has its bumps. I also oc­ca­sion­ally fly over the area in my recre­ational air­craft. The old race track is still vis­i­ble in the grass, and the old ob­ser­va­tion post and bunker is still vis­i­ble at Mt Tarampa. Un­til re­cently the area had been fairly run down with many aban­doned prop­er­ties and houses. Due to re­cent prop­erty sales the area is re­cov­er­ing as the sites are be­ing re­stored as new folk move in. It was good to read the article and see the pic­tures of the old race bikes and the ba­sic con­di­tions. I took some photos from the air of the for­mer cir­cuit and air­field. The for­mer main straight and run­way is the tree-lined road run­ning at a di­ag­o­nal from the left cor­ner (main im­age above). This is now Daisy Street or Drive. The un­used sec­tion leads to Mo­bil­gas Cor­ner. Dunlop Straight is now a road run­ning at a di­ag­o­nal to the right. At the mo­ment the area is quite dry and some of the un­used cir­cuit is not as clear. Mo­bil­gas Cor­ner out­line can be seen faintly at the bot­tom of the main straight. It should be clearer when the grass is greener. Daisy Drive runs on a di­ag­o­nal to the right to­wards Mo­bil­gas Cor­ner in the top right cor­ner. Dunlop Straight is the road across the mid­dle. Cas­trol Cor­ner is still clear at the end of Dunlop Straight as it con­tin­ues past to BP Bend near the top mid­dle of this pic­ture. The re­main­ing race cir­cuit from BP Bend to Bar­dahl Cor­ner is hard to de­fine due to later devel­op­ment. MG Cor­ner is at the right bot­tom at the start of Daisy Drive. The mon­u­ment is at this cor­ner. The re­mains of the track at MG Cor­ner are still very clear (right). This shot shows the re­main­ing tar­mac at MG Cor­ner which is still clear from the air. Re­mains of the wider run­way tar­mac should still be found in the ad­join­ing prop­er­ties.

Mal’s ae­rial shot look­ing up the main straight with the rem­nants of Mo­bil­gas Cor­ner in the fore­ground.

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