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All BMW trag­ics will have no­ticed a wee er­ror on page 36 of OBA 76. The cap­tion for the photo (on the op­po­site page) says “Ron Robin­son on his BMW R90S” Sadly, no, no, no! The bike is in fact an R90/6 with a bikini fair­ing added. To be an R90S, the BMW icon of the ‘sev­en­ties, it would have to have the fol­low­ing; Dell’Orto car­bu­ret­tors, not Bings, a black and sil­ver paint scheme on the tank, fair­ing and rear end, no rub­ber knee grip on the tank, en­gine block fins painted matt black (sil­ver finned head and rocker cover). Most im­por­tantly of all – the BMW de­cal at­tached to the up­per en­gine cas­ing should not be a straight rec­tan­gle. It should have a big square with the dig­its 90 in­ter­rupt­ing the straight­ness of the rec­tan­gle. The bike is a R90/6 (or even a R75/6 or R600/6, the num­ber is ob­scured. Martin Charles Bon­nells Bay, NSW Proud R90/S owner. Pun­ish­ment for all con­cerned will be swift and mer­ci­less. As com­pen­sa­tion, our friends at Rari­tee will be happy to send you a T-shirt in your choice of de­sign, which I ex­pect will be a BMW R90/S. – Ed

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