Zenith scam

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Some time ago I asked in an Aussie Mo­tor­cy­cle news­let­ter if any­body had a 1933 BAPD Bur­man gear­box.

This week to my sur­prise an email from New Brunswick, USA came from the owner of a Zenith bike of his dad’s he was dis­man­tling for parts. I asked for a photo and thought this chap must have lost his mar­bles to pull to bits a cool old bike.

Closer ex­am­i­na­tion I no­ticed the num­ber plate had been cut off the photo and touched up. Warn­ing bells started to tin­kle. I searched on Google and saw an iden­ti­cal snap in the Brook­lands Motor Mu­seum web­site with num­ber plate. The bells sounded like First Church on Sun­day morn­ing. The ‘seller’ supplied an ad­dress in East Brunswick, New Jersey and asked for an ex­act ship­ping ad­dress. The Brook­lands Mu­seum and East New Brunswick po­lice were con­tacted. The scam has ap­peared in Hol­land and Mel­bourne.

Russell McIvor New Zealand

The Brook­lands Mu­seum Zenith – with num­ber plate. The doc­tored im­age from the in­ter­net scam.

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