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- Trevor Henderson Christie Downs, SA.

In response to Alan Singer of Jacksonvil­le, USA, whose letter requesting info on his Bultaco “Tralla Sport“appeared in OBA 97, perhaps I may be able to be of some assistance. The company had produced their first model, the 125cc Tralla 101, in 1959, and with their passion for racing were soon entering them in “production” races whilst also tuning them for open events. The Tralla 101 ran from 1959 to 1963, and I’d estimate that the “Sport” version would have been made in 1960 only as the TSS 125 production racer was available from 1961. The book Spanish Post War Road and Racing Motorcycle­s by Mick Walker has a lot of info on early Bultaco history, whilst A Passion for the Sport by Francisco Herreros shows the late Ramon Torres on a Tralla 101 Sport almost identical to Alan’s. Another book, Bultaco “Todo Un Mito” (“A real myth”) has a picture of a very similar bike but with a more bulbous exhaust. The “Sherpa S” scrambler, produced from 1960, seemed to find its way to USA, where it became successful in its class in Flat Track racing, so perhaps any US dealers who had sold them may also be able to help.

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