ShowS kids the world – gog shop­ping!

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Con­fes­sionC – I have never met a shop I didn’t like. AsA such, I’ve con­cluded it’s less about the stuff and morem about the thrill of the chase.

On my trav­els with­out kids, I’ve ended up with one leg of Sir Bob Geldof’s jeans found in a Lon­don Red Cross shop (my sis­ter has the other leg), braved a night of howl­ing snow in the Ja­panese Alps to seek out a 100 Yen (AUD$1) shop, and trav­elled through the streets of Jo­han­nes­burg, in South Africa, by taxi, hunt­ing down a spe­cific art gallery.

“Why do you bother?” you might ask (as does my hus­band, for the record).

Well there are few bet­ter ways to ab­sorb the cul­ture of a coun­try than shop­ping.

Miss the tourist traps and travel slowly through neigh­bour­hoods – ditch the malls and find nir­vana in the laneways … it’s where you meet the peo­ple. “But what about the kids?”, I hear you sigh. Ad­mit­tedly, chil­dren and wan­der­ing slowly don’t tend to go hand in hand. How­ever, I have a long-held the­ory; if you start kids early enough most things be­come the norm – lan­guages, mak­ing beds, and shop­ping. The flip side of early in­tro­duc­tion is that re­luc­tant lit­tle shop­pers turn in­toi teens, and they only love to shop with youy be­cause they want your credit card. Once they have spent all your money, you’re left on the out­side, win­dow shop­ping!

So com­pro­mise, find some­thing for you anda your off­spring (yes it might be in a mall) – fol­low my lead, I’ve man­aged to suc­cess­fully show my kids the world ... of shop­ping.

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