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“I’m go­ing on an ad­ven­ture” quoted by Bilbo Bag­gins, in Peter Jack­son’s 2012 epic fan­tasy ad­ven­ture film The Hob­bit: an un­ex­pected jour­ney, has of­ten been used to de­scribe fun filled mis­sions to the lo­cal shops (usu­ally while ine­bri­ated), long dis­tance road trips with mates and, as in the movie, a trip of self dis­cov­ery which will most likely only hap­pen once in a life­time. Our re­cent ad­ven­ture within Back Creek Canyon, which is nes­tled in the lush green sub­trop­i­cal rain­for­est of South East Queens­land, with my 11-year son Max, fell fully into the movie de­scrip­tion.

It all started with a com­ment from my bet­ter half sug­gest­ing I needed to spend more time with our pre­pubescent son to get to know him bet­ter and to get him away from the Xbox, Ipad, fridge re­peat cy­cle. I have al­ways loved the out­doors and I thought this might be an ideal chance to im­bue Max with sim­i­lar feel­ings of na­ture. Hol­i­day­ing in SE QLD, we were a lit­tle spoilt for choice, beach, bush walk­ing, swim­ming holes etc, how­ever, we had done those ac­tiv­i­ties be­fore an I wanted us to ex­pe­ri­ence some­thing new and dif­fer­ent. After quick search of lo­cal ad­ven­ture com­pa­nies in the Bris­bane area, I de­cided that with Gra­ham and Kelly from Green Frog Ad­ven­tures would be the right mix of ad­ven­ture and na­ture that I was after, and after a quick call to their team, a long day Cany­on­ing ad­ven­ture was booked.

Not know­ing ex­actly what cany­on­ing was, I re­ferred to Youtube to search for Back Creek Canyon. The search re­sults came up and an ad­ven­ture of epic pro­por­tions (well for my son and I), looked to be on the cards with ab­seil­ing through wa­ter­falls, bound­ing over boul­ders and logs, jump­ing into rock pools and trekking through spec­tac­u­lar rain­for­est – all within two hours from Bris­bane! Who would have thought?

On the day, Max and I turned up to the lit­tle scenic re­serve just out­side Ca­nun­gra with the ad­vised equip­ment and cloth­ing – no­tably, com­fort­able cloth­ing and footwear that could get wet was es­sen­tial. We met Gra­ham and Kelly and com­menced a safety brief fol­lowed by equip­ment is­sue and a les­son in ab­seil­ing. Then we were off… We were go­ing on an ad­ven­ture! After a short walk down the creek, we came to the first ab­seil, straight down through a wa­ter­fall. This was the point at which I thought, “…. Maybe this is a bit much for us, may be I should have just taken Max to the beach.” I mean, look­ing over the edge made me feel ap­pre­hen­sive. Gra­ham and Kelly were fan­tas­tic. They were a pro­fes­sional team with our ex­pe­ri­ence and safety at the fore­front of all their ac­tions. So we both com­pleted the first ab­seil and the feel­ing is in­de­scrib­able. It was a mix be­tween

“We are both go­ing to die – how am I go­ing to tell his mother” and ‘OMG we are Alive and this is the most awe­some thing ever!’

We walked down the creek a lit­tle fur­ther, climb­ing, bum slid­ing and jump­ing over rocks that ranged from the size of a small car to some eas­ily big­ger than our house and came across a beau­ti­ful sun bathed pool… 3m below us. With­out a word, Kelly jumped straight in and called for us to fol­low. Max had no hes­i­ta­tions and leapt straight in. I had to fol­low, didn’t need him to see me baulk­ing. It was over quickly and we sat down to some lunch with a lit­tle more swim­ming in the pool. Max found a way back up to the top of the jump and con­tin­ued with 2-3 more leaps each with louder shrieks of joy. I had to give it to him; at least he was out of the house and en­joy­ing the out­doors.

After lunch was a short rock hop to the next ab­seil, which was much eas­ier than the first. Per­haps it was be­cause there was no wa­ter­fall flow­ing end­lessly into your face this time. The last ob­sta­cle was what I can only de­scribe as the most dif­fi­cult de­ci­sion I have ever had to make in my adult/par­ent­ing life, and I will keep it a sur­prise for those that also choose to em­bark on their own ad­ven­tures. But need­less to say, both Max and I came out un­scathed and a lot closer as Fa­ther and Son.

From here we found the exit and com­menced the bush walk back the car. On the walk out, I got to re­flect­ing on the day and our ad­ven­ture. I sur­mised that this was ex­actly what my amaz­ing wife had wanted, her tubby hubby and her boy to re­con­nect and have our own lit­tle ad­ven­ture. But I also thought how this ex­act ac­tiv­ity would be an amaz­ing way for any­one to bring a group of peo­ple to­gether, from a sport­ing club, or small busi­ness to a cor­po­ra­tion. Be­ing able to iden­tify in­di­vid­ual’s strengths and weak­nesses as well as in­di­vid­ual stress re­ac­tions within your­self and your team are in­valu­able tools to have to help your team grow.

I thought it was just a catch cry, but the Green Frog Ad­ven­tures motto – ‘Out­side your com­fort zone is where the magic hap­pens’ is ex­actly true. If Max and I hadn’t gone out on our ad­ven­ture, just like Bilbo Bag­gins, wouldn’t have found our self dis­cov­ery as well as a shared love of the out­doors. I can’t thank Gra­ham and Kelly enough.

They are pas­sion­ate about pro­vid­ing a pro­fes­sional, unique, cus­tomer fo­cused ex­pe­ri­ence for a very rea­son­able price. If you are in the Bris­bane/gold coast area, do your­self a favour and give them a call, you will not for­get or re­gret it.­fro­gad­ven­

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