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As an Ul­tra run­ner who com­petes a lot I have be­come ac­cus­tom to “back­ing up” be­tween big events in a short pe­riod of time. Once upon a time I would have 3 weeks off after a marathon, th­ese days 24hrs is enough be­fore I com­mence train­ing again.

There are no real se­crets to back­ing up ef­fec­tively and it’s no sur­prise that the big­ger and bet­ter your run­ning base/ex­pe­ri­ence is the eas­ier it is to re­cover and bounce back. But for those of us who are not su­per­hu­man I have boiled down my ex­pe­ri­ences into the fol­low­ing key points.


After the event for up to 24-36hrs keep ac­tive, keep walk­ing around and avoid sit­ting for long pe­ri­ods. This will help stim­u­late blood flow to your mus­cles to aid in the re­pair process; it will also help re­duce stiff­en­ing of the mus­cles as they re­pair.


After the ini­tial mus­cle sore­ness has dis­si­pated fo­cus on stretch­ing ev­ery­thing out and re­gain­ing that pre race flex­i­bil­ity. This will also be a chance to see if any­thing is out of or­der in­jury wise.


It’s im­por­tant to get out run­ning as soon as its safe to do so. Even a 20min very slow jog will do the trick. It helps keep the blood flow­ing and mus­cles mov­ing. How long after the event this run is de­pends on how sore you are but some­where be­tween 1-4days is ideal.


Above all else just take the time to lis­ten to how you are feel­ing, don’t force things or run though nig­gles as in the days im­me­di­ately after a hard event your mus­cles and im­mune sys­tem are par­tic­u­larly frag­ile.


Make sure you get back to a healthy level of hy­dra­tion right after the race, as much as I hate to say it avoid al­co­hol as well for at least 48hrs. En­sure you get some good qual­ity calo­ries in as soon as pos­si­ble after the event, if you can’t stom­ach real food per­haps try a shake?


It’s al­ways a good idea to give the body a once over with a masseuse or physio after as soon as the mus­cles are no longer sore to touch. This will help iden­tity any prob­lem ar­eas you might need to keep an eye on.


if your next event is within a few weeks there is no need to go out on the big long runs you did in prepa­ra­tion for the first event. In­stead fo­cus on short in­tense ses­sions (once the legs feel good again) to keep the ca­dence tick­ing over and hope­fully ex­tend the “peak” you achieved in your first event. If the next event is more than 2-3 weeks away you can re­turn to a more nor­mal train­ing regime.

Re­mem­ber above all its about hav­ing fun so get out there and run.

Happy run­ning Caine War­bur­ton www. run­ningontheedge. word­press. com

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