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New Bal­ance Vazee Rush v2 Shoes Th­ese shoes are part on the new de­sign from ew alance, avail­able in men’s and women’s. 3ut them on your feet and you feel like you are float­ing on air. Th­ese shoes are so com­fort­able you won’t want to take them off! They in­clude a mid­sole foam called Rapid ebound, in­no­va­tive -layer mesh up­per, mid­foot sad­dle and no-sew bootie con­struc­tion and a de­con­structed heel counter. ll of th­ese fea­tures en­sure you have bet­ter per­for­mance when you’re run­ning, Mog­ging, play­ing sports and en­durance train­ing. Highly rec­om­mended.

Isowhey Sports Um Mag­ne­sium Whether you need more en­ergy, want to sort out your metabolism, suf­fer from spasms or aching mus­cles, have poor di­ges­tion or ex­pe­ri­ence anx­i­ety - mag­ne­sium could do the trick! Isowhey Sports Um Mag­ne­sium is a great prod­uct that not only helps with all of the above is­sues, it also helps you gain back all the flu­ids lost dur­ing your train­ing. Un­like some sim­i­lar prod­ucts, it doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth - and it comes in a small tub that will fit in your gym or hik­ing bag so you can take it along with you and fill up your bot­tle as you go to en­sure you are get­ting ev­ery­thing you need.

Sea­wool Shirt, Moun­tain De­signs Moun­tain De­signs have done it again. Amaz­ing clothes, su­per com­fort­able and ver­sa­tile that they are great for all kinds of Aussie weather! The Sea­wool range is some­thing dif­fer­ent. The clothes are ac­tu­ally made from a com­bi­na­tion of oys­ter shells and re­cy­cled plas­tic bot­tles! Yes, you read that right! Th­ese shirts are made from two of the hardest things on the planet - yet they are as light and com­fort­able as if you’re wear­ing noth­ing! Per­fect for out­doors, they are soft, wrin­kle-free, warm, quick to dry, anti-static, and - as all good ad­ven­turer’s need - they pre­vent odour! Breathe easy with th­ese fan­tas­tic shirts in a range of de­signs! You could even wear it to work!

Vic­tori­nox Golf Tool I don’t know much about olf so we sent out a golf-ex­pert friend to test out this tool on the golf course. This is what he came back with I was su­per im­pressed with the ic­tori­nox olf Tool. I’ve been play­ing pro­fes­sion­ally for a few years and to be hon­est, I’d never heard of it! There is no doubt it made a great dif­fer­ence on the course. We’d been suf­fer­ing drought so the ground was hard and while the guys I was golf­ing with were get­ting frus­trated that their tees wouldn’t sit prop­erly I was rel­ish­ing the tool! ou can even fix the green after you miss a shot us­ing the divot re­pair tool! I was im­pressed and will cer­tainly be rec­om­mend­ing it to all my golf­ing bud­dies on the cir­cuit and the week­enders!”. The tool in­cludes one hand lock­ing divot re­pair tool, ball marker, tee punch and groove cleaner; with the added bonus of bot­tle opener (per­fect!), nail file, blade, twee ers, tooth­pick and scis­sors.

Fish­ing reel – Stradic 2500CI4+ FB Saw this re­cently on Real Ac­tion on TV and thought - must try it! Then the op­por­tu­nity came up and we set out on the boat to test it out. Its a great lit­tle reel. It’s small, but its ac­tu­ally pretty ver­sa­tile. We took it out on the river as its a great reel for catch­ing flat­head and bream. Had a few bites but un­for­tu­nately it was a slow day, so not much ac­tion. For the record, this se­ries of spin reels are award won Best New Reel Cat­e­gory at the Aus­tralian Fish­ing Trade Show on the Gold Coast. It feels nice and light, and is good for fresh or salt wa­ter. Though we had a slow day, on TV they had a great time catch­ing meal-size bream and flat­ties. So well worth test­ing one your­self!

‘Swal­lowed by the Sea’ book You’ll see in this edi­tion we’ve ac­tu­ally in­cluded an ex­cerpt from this book. What a great book. If you’re a keen diver or you have an in­ter­est in our mar­itime his­tory, this book pro­vides you with his­tory from the ship­wrecks around Aus­tralia, and de­tails on where to find them and how to dive them. It in­cludes ships that were lost at sea, rav­aged by storms or hit dur­ing time of war. Re­ally en­joyed read­ing this and its a great light read for when you’re trav­el­ling, or re­lax­ing by the camp chair plan­ning your next div­ing ad­ven­ture. It was pub­lished as part of an imag­i­na­tive se­ries by the Na­tional Li­brary of Aus­tralia.

Pro Mount Colour Lenses While we’re on the sub­ject of div­ing, if you own a GoPro, you’re go­ing to LOVE th­ese lenses. Take them with you un­der­wa­ter and you’ll ex­pe­ri­ence a whole new world of im­agery. Th­ese fil­ters are avail­able in red, ma­genta, orange / pink (de­pend­ing how far down you go) and suit new and old GoPros, which is great be­cause if you’re any­thing like me - you’ll want to up­date your GoPro at ev­ery chance pos­si­ble and there’s noth­ing more an­noy­ing than hav­ing to re­place ev­ery­thing to suit. If you’re a keen diver, th­ese are a must! They come with adapters, in a pack with the three colours, and you can buy it on­line here:­terkit/

Pul­sar Men’s Sports Watch It’s easy to see why Pul­sar watches are some of the most pop­u­lar avail­able in Aus­tralia and the new So­lar Chrono­graph watch is by far one of the best yet. So­lar ... means you NEVER have to get a new bat­tery for it, so you’ll never have an ex­cuse to not be on time; it has a stain­less steel case and leather strap and is even wa­ter re­sis­tant up to 100 me­tres. It looks fan­tas­tic, isn’t su­per heavy like many watches that have a sim­i­lar style to them, and its suit­able for all kinds of ad­ven­tures so you will al­ways have time on your side! You can get it in a few dif­fer­ent colours and there is no doubt your man, dad, or friend will love it as a Christ­mas, birth­day or just a “you’re awe­some”present.

Ther­moskin If you’ve ever had any prob­lems with your an­kles or calves, and you need to use com­pres­sion of some sort in or­der to get the most out of your ad­ven­tures, the Ther­moskin Walk-On is a fan­tas­tic prod­uct. The Walk-On is de­signed to al­low you to treat and re­ha­bil­i­tate after any pain in your feet, but they cer­tainly don’t look like your usual com­pres­sion sock – you know, the ones that grannies wear to bed that re­sem­ble stock­ings. Ther­moskin have de­signed the Plan­tar FXT Com­pres­sion Socks and the Cir­cu­la­tion Ther­mal Slipper that you can wear any­where, at any time (to bed if you want!). Whether you’re tak­ing the bike out, go­ing on a hike or trav­el­ling – th­ese socks are so com­fort­able you won’t re­alise they are do­ing you good. They look great and pro­vide ef­fec­tive treat­ment, man­age­ment and pain re­lief!

Vic­tori­nox Bike Tool It doesn’t mat­ter if you own a bike for recre­ational use or pro­fes­sional - if you own a bike, you NEED to get this tool. Se­ri­ously. This is the best thing to come out for your bike (or just your garage or tool box) in for­ever! It’s so small and light but it in­cludes EIGHT small con­nec­tions for screws (which is why you can re­ally use it any­where!). If you have a prob­lem with your bike, you just get out your stain­less steel tool and start work­ing. It even in­cludes an L-wrench! This could rre­ally be used for any­thing (love DIY at home? It has a tool for all those nooks and cran­nies) ... but as it even in­cludes a tyre lever - as a bike en­thu­si­ast (pro­fes­sion­ally or just for fun), you’d be mad not to get one.

Nude Food Movers The day my Nude Food Movers ar­rived in the mail was the day my snack­ing life changed for­ever. I got the Snack Tubs Triple set, which gives you three lay­ers of snacks. Great for some fruit in one sec­tion, nuts in the next, and bis­cuits in the other. The per­fect ac­com­pa­ni­ment when ad­ven­tur­ing. The sand­wich box and lunch box are also great, for my­self and my kids! And the neo­prene cover means I can take my packed lunch any­where and don’t have to worry that it won’t be fresh when I’m ready to eat it. This is par­tic­u­larly good for sum­mer to avoid those dreaded soggy san­gas that have been out in the heat!

The Arc­teryx Cerium LT Hoody I was look­ing for a fan­tas­tic jacket to take with me on a re­cent trip to Tas­ma­nia, back when it was win­tery and be­fore the sun came beam­ing down. So when I re­ceived my LT Hoody I was so im­pressed! I was ex­pect­ing a jacket that would weigh me - and my lug­gage - down but this is lit­er­ally so light I didn’t even know it was there! The jacket was fan­tas­tic for keep­ing me warm in the 0 de­gree temps, but keep in mind that it isn’t wa­ter­proof so if its rain­ing, you want to in­vest in some­thing stronger. It is filled with goose down which is what makes it so light and comfy, and its fan­tas­tic if you’re plan­ning on hik­ing into the cold moun­tains!

Thule 5 in 1 If you’re a par­ent and you love to en­joy the great out­doors with your kids - the Thule 5 in 1 is se­ri­ously the most amaz­ing in­vest­ment you’ll ever have! I got one for my 2 kids (aged 3 and 1) who love go­ing for rides in it - and the dog has even had a great time in there as well (all three fit!). It comes with a range of op­tions - in­clud­ing the bike con­nec­tion, stroller wheels (which are my favourite as they are the most manou­vrable), jog­ger tyre (which I find a bit an­noy­ing as it doesnt bend for cor­ners, so I ac­tu­ally pre­fer to jog with the stroller wheels), and - wait for it - it even comes with a SKI/ HIKE con­nec­tor so that you can hook it up to your­self when you’re out in the moun­tains and drag the kids along. The Thule is amaz­ing for ex­er­cise, its so easy to use and re­ally light to push (even with 25kg of kids in there!). The only prob­lem - you’d need a 4WD or roof racks if you want to take it any­where (it won’t even fit through the doors of our home!). But hon­estly, the pros far out­weigh the cons.

BOOK: Where are our boys Long be­fore the days of Face­book and the in­ter­net, the main source for peo­ple to get their news was news­pa­pers. The book, Where Are Our Boys: How Newsmaps Won the Great War, is about the first world war and shows you how the con­flict was fought – and won – from the view of the news­pa­per reader. It in­cludes over 200 newsmap im­ages that show how read­ers from Aus­tralia and across the Bri­tish Em­pire saw the war. They didn’t have TVs to watch and there was no on­line news to fol­low: they based their knowl­edge on what they read in the news­pa­pers. The sur­pris­ing thing that is shows is not the truth though, but a “semi-fic­tional” ac­count of what hap­pened – thanks to cen­sor­ship at the time de­cid­ing what could be pub­lished and not; and of­ten the ac­counts were made up by the writer. It’s a great book to read, in­ter­est­ing for any­one who has a keen knowl­edge for the war or the me­dia.

Klean Kan­teen When it comes to ad­ven­tur­ing: there’s noth­ing worse on a hot sum­mer’s day than open­ing your bot­tle of wa­ter, tak­ing a swig, and burn­ing your tongue! In con­trast, there’s noth­ing worse on a cold win­ter’s day than set­ting your­self up for an amaz­ing hot cof­fee after a night of camp­ing in the rough, only to find the cof­fee is like ice. The Klean Kan­teen elim­i­nates both of th­ese is­sues! It’s an amaz­ing in­ven­tion: keeps cold drinks cool for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours min­i­mum. The best part is: it works. I tested the 936ml bot­tle – and of course I had to make sure it worked in all kinds of sit­u­a­tions. It’s been on the boat for some overnight fish­ing; in the for­est for some hik­ing; taken to a job site for a tradie to test out on a hot, sweat-filled day; and let me tell you – it was per­fect in ev­ery sit­u­a­tion! The bot­tle is 18/8 stain­less steel, en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly, and fit­ted with vac­uum in­su­la­tion tech­nol­ogy that helps keep the heat or cool in.

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