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Cathy McGowan AO MP, Independen­t Member for Indi


This is a far cry from what NBN Co and the government claim.

Put simply, this is not good enough for business or households who rely on these services for work, study and online transactio­ns.

It is a shocking indictment on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his second-rate copper NBN which is just not up to scratch.

Labor has long called for action to improve people’s experience of connecting to the NBN.

The government must update Australia’s telecommun­ications consumer-rights framework to include real consumer protection­s and guarantees.

In 2018, it is absurd that our Universal Service Obligation provides rights for phone boxes but not a household internet connection.

That it guarantees access to a telephone but not essential broadband services.

It’s time the government get serious about this problem.

The government needs to act and act, without delay.

They cannot continue to bury their heads in the sand on this matter. Doing nothing is simply not good enough. Stephen Jones, MP Shadow Minister for Regional Communicat­ions

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