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Community power to buy energy


A COMMUNITY energy network, representi­ng hundreds of residents across the North East, has been launched to support the developmen­t of a local community energy retailer.

The network currently has groups from Beechworth, Yackandand­ah, Indigo Valley, Wangaratta, Benalla, Corryong, Euroa, Mansfield, Taggerty and Wodonga.

Network convenor Cam Klose said the groups have a shared ambition to develop a community energy retailer able to source renewable energy from across the region, invest in local energy initiative­s and retain profits in North East Victorian communitie­s.

“The community energy retailer will allow communitie­s to achieve energy independen­ce, assisting in the installati­on of community mini grids,” Mr Klose said.

“The addition of a community energy retailer will allow participan­ts in a mini grid - properties with solar and/or battery systems - to trade and share electricit­y between themselves.

“The creation of mini grids, supported by local utility scale renewable generation, will reduce communitie­s’ reliance on expensive electricit­y from the National Electricit­y Market.

“There is a lot of excitement across the region for a community energy retailer that creates local jobs and invests the profits back in our towns and communitie­s.”

Mr Klose said the Community Energy Network will help shape the retailer project, providing support, guidance and a conduit to local communitie­s across the region.

“A local community energy retailer just makes sense,” he said.

“Not only will it see the creation of new jobs and renewable energy projects, but it means that the profits stay within our region, rather than heading overseas or back to Melbourne and Sydney.”

For more informatio­n about the community energy retailer visit www.communitye­nergyretai­ler.com.

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