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Blooming Heck can bring your wedding day vision to life


BEECHWORTH based business Blooming Heck is the brainchild of North East Victorian couple, Liv Cartledge and Jake Lancaster.

Combining their strengths in photograph­y, floral design and live music with the handsome addition of their caravan bar ‘Werner’, Liv and Jake see themselves as just the team to pull off your dream wedding or event.

Both being seriously creative minded and a little bit quirky at heart, taking the commercial approach to weddings and events just isn’t in their bones.

Whether you’ve got mood boards, folders of ideas and your whole ideal day just a vague idea of theme, Liv and Jake will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

More well known for her original music, Liv is a seasoned and experience­d musician with 10 years of live performanc­e under her belt and a repertoire ranging from The Beatles to Daft Punk.

Delivering soulful renditions of all the best tunes, you’re guaranteed to hear something for everyone.

Additional­ly, between touring Liv has spent the last couple of years channellin­g her extra creative energy into studying floral design and working with some of the Surf Coast’s best florists.

Jake’s photograph­y and ability to capture a moment or personalit­y is executed with style and class.

Jake works to capture the feeling as you walk down the aisle and roam through the night sneakily catching all of the candid smiles and moments of all of your nearest and dearest.

In November 2018, Liv and Jake purchased their caravan ‘Werner’ and began the transforma­tion into what is now a charismati­c, elegant caravan bar equipped with everything you need to keep your guests smiling and well-watered.

From cocktails to coffee, ‘Werner’ has you covered, so head to www.blooming

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