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Tick paralysis: is it in our area?

- With Chloe Trompf, Veterinari­an

WHILE it is very uncommon for paralysis ticks to be in Wangaratta that doesn’t mean your dog or cat isn’t at risk.

We had two confirmed cases in our hospital in the first two weeks of December.

Are you travelling to the coast or up north these Christmas holidays?

If so, then your dogs and cats must be protected against paralysis ticks.

Paralysis ticks cause an ascending paralysis starting in the back legs and progressin­g forward.

Clinical signs include vomiting, change in the sound of bark or meow, dilated pupils, weakness in hind limbs/inability to stand, change in breathing pattern and often death.

There are many products to protect your pets against paralysis ticks.

One of the most effective on the market is Bravecto; which is a threemonth­ly chew for dogs and spot on for cats.

Ticks can travel home in your bags from holidays, on other animals and via many other routes, so it’s better to be safe then sorry.

If you believe your pet may have a tick, contact your local veterinari­an as soon as possible to find out more.

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