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Fishing has slowed down

- with Rob Alexander WANGARATTA

SADLY my fishing report kicks off with a bad start for the new year.

Unfortunat­ely the fishing has really slowed right down here in the Wangaratta area.

The Ovens and King rivers are both very low, very dark and very warm, and the fish have all but shut down.

There have been a few fish caught in dribs and drabs, but on the whole most people are reporting terrible fishing.

My wife Lauretta and I fished with bait in the King River at Wangaratta a few days ago for three hours and all we caught was two turtles, which were of course released.

Last week we fished the Ovens River near Peechelba and caught one small trout cod and one carp and that was it.

I predict that the fishing will improve once we get some cooler weather, to take the edge off the extreme heat.

In the meantime, the Murray River system is the place to head with fresh water being pushed through the system to meet downstream irrigation needs.

I have had decent fishing reports from the Murray River upstream and downstream of Lake Mulwala, as well as in Lake Mulwala itself.

Late last week I headed over to Katamatite to fish the Broken Creek.

I really enjoy my time over there even though the fishing isn’t usually great.

I managed to catch two carp, both quite vibrantly coloured - one was bright orange and the other was black.

For some reason that Broken Creek/Boosey Creek area seems to have a higher number of coloured carp than most places.

I caught both of my carp of cheese.

Between Christmas and New Year we took the kids to Lake William Hovell swimming.

I made a few casts and caught one tiny redfin.

It wasn’t much, but it was a start and hopefully the fishing will improve up there as the lake level drops.

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? ◆ AT LEAST IT’S A FISH: A bright orange carp caught in Broken Creek on worms last Thursday afternoon.
◆ AT LEAST IT’S A FISH: A bright orange carp caught in Broken Creek on worms last Thursday afternoon.

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